We’ve Broken Free!

Of the sticky vine legs that frequently attach people to their television set.

Today the world is anew with hope and freedom!  As my first post here at my new home on WordPress, I thought I would begin by telling everyone about the other change that has happened in the Fay household.

Today we are officially Cable-less.  *cue murderous screaming from the audience*

Yes, we have cancelled our cable TV services.  Only time will tell, but we’re hoping that it is one of the best decisions that we’ve made yet.

I make it sound like a big deal right?  In reality, I guess it’s not, considering we only had 20 channels to begin with.  When the husband and I moved into our first apartment we signed on for “extended” cable (what, like 40 channels?) which seemed dreamy after my 1 year stint of having zero television with my roommate.  We quickly realized how much pointless television we watched.  The darn tube box was always on, even just for background noise.  It was ridiculous.  I don’t think I read one book outside of textbooks that whole year.  How disgraceful.  I loved reading, art, having hobbies…

So at our last apartment we did the basic cable.  I was still attached to watching One Tree Hill and So You Think You Can Dance.  But alas, our apartment was constantly filled with the noises of Family Guy, Friends…plus my usuals.  I went from having two shows I consistently watched, to having maybe 10!  The addiction was on, full force for the two of us.

Now we’re at the new house.  Our time should be filled with extending our hobbies, spending time together, finding ourselves.  The television does not help that.  So yesterday my darling man called up the Cox people and told them to eat their shorts.  Well…at least their cable shorts…we still need the interwebz.  Last night was a beautiful thing.  Even though Cox said the connection would still be there until today, we didn’t turn the tube on.    I read, for two hours instead of sitting in front of the TV.  It was glorious. 

Just because we don’t have to have constant access doesn’t mean I’ve given up on a few of the shows I still love.  There is this fabulous invention called an HDMI cable.  With one of those babies and Hulu.com I have the connection if I ever feel the need.  Which I probably will happen once a week.  But by hooking the laptop up to the television, I can easily limit myself to exactly what I want to watch.  No more having it on just for background noise.  No more sports.  No more commercials.  No more pointless tube-watching.

Most people would be upset by this cut off.  We’re ecstatic.  I can’t wait to spend more me and us time.  The husband did mention last night his saddness over not having 3 straight hours of family guy in the evenings… I reminded him that there are things called DVDs.


5 thoughts on “We’ve Broken Free!

  1. Well congrats on the Move Miss oops I mean MRS. Jaye Fay.. haha it looks good.. AND.. Congrats on taking the plunge and doing away with the cable.. Eeekk I’m not sure I could do it, well I could but then that gets rid of my in house babysitter.. Kidding Kidding.. Anyway – Good for you.. :0)

  2. Plus you can always watch tv off the internet. Im on a contract with Directv or else I would be doing the same thing.

  3. You may have broken free, but Cox has not freed you. They will keep their tentacles attached as long as they can; hence the programming on your tv last night. Good luck!

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