Thrifty Love

The husband and I have found a love for thrift store shopping.  It never really occurred to me until last week that thrift stores just might be the place to find awesome home items.  My past experiences in these types of stores were less than pleasant.  I remember the ick factor, I remember the old out of style donations, mostly I just remember how I never wanted to go to one again.

On Monday I found the encouragement I needed to give it another shot.  Katie over at All Bower Power made a Goodwill post on Monday that really stuck with me throughout the day.  She pointed out some great tips for getting through the mess and finding the treasures.  She gave me just the push I needed.

So on Monday night I arrived home with a little jump in my step.  I was going to Goodwill,  I was taking husband with me (if he wanted of course) and I was determined to find something to give me a renewed hope in thrift shopping.  Boy did I.

The store was pretty empty as they were preparing for a 50% off sale this coming Saturday.  I looked past this little piece of negative information and we spent a good hour walking through all of the aisles.  I picked up item after item, and by George I saw the possibilities!  There was a collection of small mirrors that I could envision painted and hanging in the bathroom, a plain wooden board that said BREAD which would be just adorable painted and hanging in our kitchen, and then I spotted them…from miles (okay maybe two yards) away.

Two of the most perfect lamp bases to ever grace the planet.  Well, two of the most affordable perfect lamp bases.  We had been searching for bedroom lamps to sit on our brand spanking new nightstands.  The problem was, everything we liked was super expensive, and I just couldn’t justify that much on lamps for our bedroom.  My dream lamp would have been a little bit more funky, made of glass with some unique character.  My second choice was silver/satin nickel with a cool shade to top it off.

Well when I saw these sitting on a lonely shelf, with a $3 price tag stuck to each, I knew it was meant to be.  I couldn’t justify $100s, but I could totally accept SIX DOLLARS.  So I quickly grabbed them and nestled them into our empty shopping cart.  As we continued our walk I dreamt of finding really cool shades for them.  We ended up not picking anything else up as I just couldn’t commit (I think I was just way too excited about the lamps).

The glory only continued when we stopped by Target for some soap on the way home.  I made a spur of the moment decision to quickly check out the lamp section, you know, just for some inspiration.  What did I see upon entering the aisle???  The perfect lamp shades!  We tested all of the options but always came back to the retro looking square shape that seemed oddly perfect for our thrift store lamps sitting in my car.

For $12 the lamp shades were ours, and we headed on home to add yet another small touch to our master bedroom.

So my faith in Goodwill has been re-established, and I can not tell you how excited I am for some intense thrift store shopping marathons!


6 thoughts on “Thrifty Love

  1. When you find something so perfect, and the price is right, you know it was just meant to be. Can’t wait to see pics of the upstairs
    Love you

  2. And, by the way, I think when the sale starts this week-end, you should take them back (or your receipt) and tell them you want the sale price–it’s within two weeks : )
    Just kidding, of course.

  3. YAY! Those lamps totally look WAY more expensive…great great find. It seems to me like I should be getting thrift shopping tips from you!

    XO – Katie Bower
    p.s. thanks for the link love 🙂

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