Mastering The Art Of Sleep

So I’ll warn you right now… This post is about our bedroom, not the whole upstairs.  But I promise to give you plenty of eye candy for the wonderful patience you have shown me 🙂  This weekend has blown the house to pieces in an attempt to get curtains up, paint our bathroom, and prepare for a housewarming party.

I truly believe that good sleep depends on good surroundings.  That’s why our bedroom was the first room to be painted.  The only downside to that was that we didn’t get the room set up right away.  Regardless, our perfect blue bedroom was wrapping me up in dreamless, perfect sleep from day one.  I think the room knew we loved it, and knew we would treat it well, so it gave back.  Well as of this weekend, we’ve finally showed the room what we have to offer.

We started with a BBB (Big, Blank and Boring) room when we bought this house.  As with every other wall in the house – our bedroom was stark, and it needed a hit of colour.  It hit me early on that a grey blue would work well for our room.  So Winter Flannel (Valspar) was the colour of choice, and we love it so.

This is the view from our door.  That’s my favorite thing to see – our huge, comfy bed.  The BEST purchase we have ever made.  Although sometimes it feels like hubs is halfway around the world from me when I roll over at night.  I think it takes about 5 rolls to make it to him.  That’s the kind of fun we have in our bed – rolling marathons – yup, our secret is out!

The first thing I would like to point out is the awesomeness of our new curtains! They really make the room a lot softer and warm, especially in the evening.

Another shot.  Here you can see the genius of my curtain hanging abilities at their best.  We have these frustrating corner window areas where two windows meet pretty close in the corner.  There is one here in the master and one in the living room.  They make it very difficult to arrange curtains.  Originally, our plan was to just hang one panel per window.  Well that was a bit understated, so we added the second.  For the corner windows I tried hanging three panels, one in the middle, and the two on the outsides of both windows.  I think it turned out fabulous!  I love the way they shape the windows.

Also, look at those nightstands!  For the first time ever, we have real nightstands!  In our apartment we were using glass side tables next to the bed, so this is a big step up for us.

Here is another new addition.  Our new dresser.  We still need some things for on top, and some clothes in the drawers… Husband is picking up the second dresser (to be his) tomorrow and then we’ll fill them up.  I get this fancy long one (yay!) and he’s getting the taller one for his things.  I have an issue with keeping my drawers organized…usually I have socks, underwear, bras all mixed in with no order.  It’s a mess, so I like having those four smaller drawers on the top for separating out all of the goods.

So as you can tell, there is still some more work to be done.  Artwork for over the bed is on our to-do list, as well as a duvet cover (if only I could make up my mind!).  I just feel as if we’ve had so much progress with it!  I so love this room.  My sleep in here is absolutely phenomenal.  If you know me in real life, then you know I struggle with long bouts of insomnia.  For periods of my life I’ve had to be medicated to get a decent sleep. It’s really pathetic.  I’m proud to say that I have finally mastered the Art of Sleep.  The other night I fell asleep in the exact same position I woke in.  I did not move, I did not dream, I did not wake.  Not once until my alarm went off.  It was the best personal moment I’ve ever had.

You may think I’m crazy.  But when you have serious sleep issues, you’ll understand!

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