F Is For…

Well F is for a lot of things actually.  Fruit, Fun, Fan…Fruitcake, Flamingo, Fundamental…You get my point.  F is the first letter in a many everyday words.

In our house though, F Is For Fay.

My husbands last name and it’s connection to me is in a sea of muddy water.  I never changed my last name.  It wasn’t that I didn’t want my business cards to say Jaye Fay on them, or that I was having a big case of the feminism bug.  I kept my last name because I loved it, it was something that came from my Dad that I will always have (along with my eyeballs, which are distinctly the MaidenName eyeballs).  I was very fortunate to have a mate (don’t tell him I called him that) who wasn’t against the two name household.  The hubs has no feelings either way, at least that’s what he tells me.  I love him dearly for it.

So even though I’m only socially known by my husbands last name, I still consider an F to be our “family” symbol.  My brother likes to point out (while wearing a sad face) that everything should be monogramed FW(MaidenName Initial) since we’re both not legally Fays.

Are you wondering where I’m going with this yet?  Well…I’m putting an F up on our wall!

Last week I showed you what our photo wall looked like when I first set it up.  It looked something like this

In person this looked grande.  In photos it looked a little blah.  It needed to be fuller, higher, more dominant.  I spent the better part of a day scrounging around for more photos, more frames, and more ideas.  That’s when I came up with a genius plan.

Our photo wall is positioned in our front room which happens to hold two full bookcases (and soon to be – a third).  The husband and I love books.  He loves textbooks and things about boring statistical and philosophical things.  I love adventure, fantasyand romance novels.  Regardless of our preferred works, we love books.  My idea was a collage of pages from our (read:MY) favorite books with a huge F plastered on them.  This would be center stage on our photo wall.

I happened to have a large black frame already, so I painstakingly removed the old picture.  I made photocopies of a bunch of my favorite parts of my favorite books and coffee stained them to give an old look to them.  I would like to point out that none of Derek’s books are amongst these pages.  They all relate to me, not to him.  I’m not a horrible wife, I just like my stuff better.  Anyways.  I stuck these pages to a board and put the board in the frame.  My final step is to get an F right in the middle.  Initially I was going to cut out one on black paper and put it directly on the pages.  I’m really hanging on the idea of painting the F on the inside of the glass though.

So I need my readers’ help now!  If I were to paint the F, would you suggest a fancy F or a simple block style letter?  I would love to get this project done and officially in place on the wall this week, I just can’t make the decision on my own!

Here is the wall prior to the F


4 thoughts on “F Is For…

  1. If I get to vote, I say a fancy F. Why?
    It matches the content in your photos better.
    I would have said block, since it would match the text of your book pages, but they are not the subject, your photos are and therefore your F should compliment them. I hope my opinion helps.

    I have to tell you that between your ‘s and Bower Power’s blogs, I’m getting lots of inspiration to pull out the old stuff and see what can be remade.

    Love you.

  2. How about a bunch of different F’s in different sizes–maybe 5? A big block one in the almost middle and the fancy/what not and upper and lower styles around it?

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