Marathon Sunday

While thousands of Phoenicians (including my BFF, Julie) were running in the PF Changs Rock N Roll Marathon on Sunday, my Mum and I were taking part in another marathon.  A thrift store shopping marathon.  We set out early with our stainless steel water bottles (hydration is key), canvas bags (for all the awesome finds) and eager spirits.

Our first stop was a little shop just up the road from the Fay house.  The shop was full of stuff.  At first glance, I thought it was just a bunch of trash, overly priced trash at that.  So it took me a few minutes to warm up, apparently I need to train for these marathons to get up to my full potential.  We chatted with the lady at the counter who told us that 99% of everything in the store was bought through estate sales.  So they only went off of 1% donations!  I thought that was crazy – what I difference from Goodwill where they thrive off of donations.  This little tidbit of information explained why some things seemed super expensive.  She also told us the most awesome piece of information-we happened to be there on their 50% off sale day!  Music to our ears.

We spent more then an hour milling through all of the little trinkets, which at 50% off, were quite a steal!

First up, is my Mum’s awesome find.  This cute little bird was depressing looking, but she saw through that and imagined a glossy white bird.  He came home with us, he was sprayed with a new finish – and now sits in our master bedroom.  I absolutely love him!

Mum was on a roll when she found these twin bunnies as well.  They were brown bunnies, they looked a little country, but some paint made them a whole lot classy!  She took these home with her, I hope to see them gracing a shelf or her table next time I’m over.

I picked out this pair of flower prints.  They originally had gold frames, but I turned them silver-ish.  I’m still not completely sold on the colour – I might try white instead.   I just love having the option to change it up!

We picked up quite a few other things, I’ll probably feature them a bit later.  I just don’t want to overdo it 🙂

After the first shop we tried two others, with not as much luck.  So it really is hit or miss.  We didn’t mind though – we had a blast and are already planning on the next thrift shopping marathon.

Our day was very successful!  Congratulations to all those runners out there – especially Julie and her super rockstar time on the half marathon!


2 thoughts on “Marathon Sunday

  1. Glad to see the little quail and bunnies, they are beautiful–you’re on a roll.
    I love the framed pictures, color of frame looks great.

  2. My bunnies are on my shelf in the study and I love them…… they were cartoony cute as colored bunnies, but oh so elegant, in porcelain white. I can’t wait for Easter; they’ll grace our brunch table then!

    I love that quail; but I love you more *sigh*.

    Frames….. you know, maybe black frames would make them pop!

    In any case, I have a bag full of great stuff, still to be enhanced and beautified. I’m with you. Best day in a long time!

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