Armed and Dangerous

I don’t let no one take advantage of me.  Including bad caulking jobs.  I came home tonight on a mission.  A mission to destroy evil remnants from our lazy home builders.  Take that cracked caulking!

Even on our first walk-through of the Would-Be Fay House, we knew that the bathrooms needed some additional lovin’ in the crack department.  Pretty much every caulked surface in our house looked like this…

It was pretty sad.  I’m surprised it has taken me this long to tackle this task.  Especially since I’ve had the caulk since day uno.  My brain only kicked in last week though when I finally realized I needed a gun too.  Oh boy, do I love this gun!  It has the magical powers to make things look sharp, clean and brand new in a matter of minutes.

If you are also having dreams of crazy clowns sneaking into your bathroom from cracks in your caulk – maybe you should take this post extra serious.

All you need to bring a smile to your cracks are the following:

Kitchen/Bath caulk

A caulking gun



Cleaning materials

Throw away cloth or paper towels

The very first thing you’re going to do is clean the areas thoroughly. Then you’re going to take you knife, or razer blade, and clean out all the old caulk.  This is pretty tedious work, and I’ll be truthful – I couldn’t get some pieces out, and so I left them…BIG mistake (more on that later).  I found it easiest to run the knife along the seem of the counter and caulk, then the wall and caulk and pry the stuff out.  Once you do this (and wipe it down again) you’ll be left with a crack cleaner than…well you know.

See!  Ain’t that a pretty crack?

Then comes the part that is the MOST important.  Take that tape (I used painters) and tape up both edges of the joint.  You can see what our tub looked like after I finished this step in the first picture.  Make sure you don’t tape off the joint too close, or when you pull the tape off you’ll pull all the caulk too.  Too big of a space will lead to a messy and uneven job.

Read the directions on your caulk for how to load it, it’s simple really.  Cut off the tip to the size of bead you want, and stick a piece of wire through the tip to open the seal (it’s deep).  You’ll want to start the flow of caulk on a test area to make sure it’s coming out smoothly, and to give you the hang of it.  Using a steady hand start a bead of caulk in your taped off joint.  Once you have the whole area beaded, release the lever on the caulking gun to release the pressure so you can sit the gun down.  If you don’t do this the caulk will continue to flow so it’s important!  Then take your towel in one hand, and use a finger of the other hand to smooth out your bead all the way along your crack, wiping excess on your towel as you go.  When it’s all smoothed out start at one end and pull your tape out and away from the crack.  This will ensure that you leave a clean line.

When you’re done, you’ll be left with something like this…

Isn’t that a bee-ute-if-ullll thing?  Well it is, except for the right hand side of the photo.  There you’ll see a bit of darkness in the caulking.  That’s where I left some of the old caulk in that I couldn’t quite get out.  So guess who will be re-doing that line next week when it’s dry?  I actually don’t mind.  This was my first time tackling this by myself, so it’s not too bad.  Plus I might be able to get the hubs to pry all that stuff out for me.

Overall the bathroom looks about 100% better already.  I’ll fix that line and a little bit that leaked under my tape on the bathtub and we’ll be cooking!  Or bathing, I guess.


2 thoughts on “Armed and Dangerous

  1. Armed and dangerous. Step away from the gun, Bird….. good job. As always, no job is too much for my Boo… ummm… except if it involves raw meat. Then, you call meat-busters. Other than that…. you go, girl!

  2. I’m not understanding; my name says Momma-bird and it comes out Mama-bird. Are they correcting my spelling?

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