The Arizona Sandbagging Fays

I had some really good plans for tonight!  I made a list of things to do, and came home rearing to go.  That was until I had the good sense to check our backyard (thank you facebook updates from friends!) during our now two day streak of rain.  Our backyard was flooded.  With no end in sight for the storm, and the water quickly rising we had to switch up plans rather quickly.

Maybe I’m skipping over a few important parts to this story.  My husband took a trip to Home Depot to get some flooding advice, we both ran around trying to find the homeowners insurance policy, I cried, I cried and I started screaming at the husband.  I confess – I yell when I panic, screaming yelling with tears running down my face.  It’s totally embarrassing.  But husband just wasn’t concerned for the ever rising backyard lake we had forming.

Thank goodness my Mum was checking around for local sandbagging sites.  Hubs went outside in swim trunks and started bucketing out the water from our sliding glass door, and the two girls went off to collect sand.  I couldn’t be more grateful to Mum and the Peoria fire department for having the facilities for us homeowners!  They provided the sand and the sacks, we brought a shovel and made out like bandits.

We were homeward bound with sand in tow.  The rain let up enough that we cleared a bit of the water and built our dam around the door.

So I’m still concerned.  Arizona is going through wacko weather right now, with the storm continuing through tomorrow.  There have been tornado watches and rivers flooding all over the place.  No big deal for other parts of the country.  But here, where the ground doesn’t soak up the water, and we don’t have basements to hide in – this stuff can be quite alarming.  I’m hoping our dam protects the house through this storm!  Once we get some sun again we’ll definitely be getting a landscaper out to fix our sloped yard.


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