#91 Something Old, Something New

Something Borrowed, Something Bl…ack?

I’ve been big on re-using old things lately.  Obviously, considering my posts about all the thrift store hunting I’ve been doing 🙂  One thing I’ve really wanted to do was find an old piece of furniture to make into something beautiful again.  I’ve never done this before though, so I wanted the first try to be something fairly simple – full proof.

Search after search left me empty handed.  Just when I was about to give up for the time being, I remembered an old coffee table that my Mum had.  She and my father had designed and built it together.  It was in our family room back in Canada, and I knew it was now stored away at my Mum’s home.  I knew it wasn’t “our” style, but thought maybe if she agreed to it, I could make it into something for our home.  It gave me those warm fuzzy feelings to think of it sitting our our new place.

With the blessing of my wonderful Madre, I had the hubs bring the table home to me.

It was actually much simpler than I expected to re-do this piece of family furniture.  To re-do your own piece, all you need is:

An old dropcloth (or a sheet from a $5 clearance set from Target)



Paint of your choice (gloss works well for furniture because it can be easily cleaned)

A paint brush

Here is what I started with

The plan was to paint it glossy black to go in our sitting room.  I’ll give you a step by step process of how this project went down.

Step One – Cut a hole in a box.

Step Two – Put your junk…whooooaa sorry guys, wrong step by step process!  If you’re looking to start your own laugh for 10 minute goal – go research the rest of that process here.

The REAL process starts off with a sheet of sandpaper.  You need to scrub that wood piece down so it isn’t shiny anymore.  This will help the primer adhere to the wood, and give you a better painting surface.  I was sanding away at my table, when I took a good long look at my sandpaper, and what did I see???

The sandpaper was made in the very same place I was! Which totally means that it works extra hard when it’s attached to an arm of a fellow Canuck.  Hopefully you and your sandpaper have something in common as well.  If not – well, I guess you’ll just have to pray on some extra arm strength then.

Once you have a roughed up surface you can wipe it down with a rag (get rid of all the dust!) and start priming that sucker.  I gave one coat on mine, it seemed to cover pretty well, and I wasn’t concerned about the wood colour showing through, so I stopped there.

I had to leave it rest for a few hours (ventilated I might add) before I could start painting it.  It only took a total of maybe 6 hours from start to this…

I’ll be leaving it overnight just to make sure it’s perfectly safe to bring inside.  Then it will be in our home, just like it was growing up!  My very own something old, new (to us now), borrowed (Mum wants back eventually) and although it’s not blue, I think the black suits it much better.


2 thoughts on “#91 Something Old, Something New

  1. Turned out great. Put baskets underneath and it looks like something out of Pottery Barn. I will be doing the same to a long dresser for Ryan’s room, was going to use Krylon spray but see this would be better.

  2. Yay. I bought the paint and primer for the buffet and hutch in the study….. it’s only 15 years old, unfinished, so I think it’s about time! I picked up Black Satin. I’m anxious to start. Maybe tonight. As for the coffee table, I only want it back to save it from being thrown out someday. It has sentimental value!

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