With Life Comes Death

That’s just the way it works I guess.  With life, comes death.  With the good, comes the bad.  No matter what it is, there can never just be the good.  Here is my story of life and death (of Jaye’s artwork), all in one weekend.

I begin my Sunday story with the preparations for our housewarming party.  We spent the whole week leading up to Saturday getting ready.  I was painting every night, moving furniture, hanging pictures, shopping for last minute items.  The very last thing I planned to do was finish the F on my framed book pages artwork I talked about here.   I asked my awesome readers to give their input on my F design.  I guess I used it.  Well in a way I did.  My initial plan was just a very basic (1st grade basic)  block capital F.  I ended up using a more sophisticated one, still rather plain though.

I went through many plans on how to get the F on there.  I knew I wanted to paint it straight on the glass.  I thought it would stand out best, and really showcase the whole piece.  HOW to do this was the challenge.  I could free hand it, chance ruining the whole thing with sloppy penmanship.  Or I could somehow get the print from baby on to the glass.  What I ended up doing was printing a huge F on 8.5X14 paper, then blowing it up bigger on a copy machine.  Once done with that I taped it on to the front side of the glass, facing out.  Then with a lamp under the glass so I could see the outline of the F, I used masking tape to outline the entire letter.  This was difficult to say the least.  There were curves in my letter, which meant using tiny pieces of tape to make it around the curve.  But I did it!  Then I filled in the negative space (for those non-arts speakers, that means the space outside the F) with masking tape so no paint could get anywhere but where I wanted it.  My secret weapon was spray paint (as usual!).

Spray paint was the best thing to use on this project for many reasons.  1) it’s super fast to apply 2)it dries fast 3)it doesn’t leave brush strokes on the glass.  When the paint was mostly dry (about five minutes), I peeled back the tape to show off that awesome, nearly perfect letter.  It was inevitable that some of the paint seeped underneath the tape which gave a rougher outline than I expected.  But I took a razor blade to it and fixed the more obvious spots.  Overall I left most of it though as it gave it a neat effect.

Once it was completed and back on the wall, this is what we were left with —

I couldn’t be more in love with it!  Here is a shot of the whole wall…

So what do you think?  Should I keep it?

This was the Life part of the story.  The Death part, isn’t so fun.

Saturday, as I was vacuuming for the party Death entered our home for the first time.  I’m surprised I even heard it happen, as the roar of Dyson is so loud.  But I did.  I heard a deafening CRASH in the middle of my housewife glory.  I immediately turned off the vacuum and started looking around for the victim of the CRASH sound.  My Mum was in the kitchen prepping for the party as well and tried to find it too.  When we saw the result…nothing could prepare us for my reaction.

My dear, wonderful, cherished, beautiful Sunburst Mirror had fallen on the tile behind the couch.  No one is exactly sure how it happened.  I believe it was a combination of the hubs jumping around (or walking) upstairs, and the heavy vibrations coming from Dyson.  Either way, my beauty was smashed up behind the couch.  I ran to it, pulled it up and started swearing.  I’m not proud of it readers…But the truth is, more swears came out of my mouth than ever before.  The next part is horrible.  I was so mad I threw it (what was left of it anyways)… Yes, Jaye can have temper tantrums once in awhile.  I didn’t really hurt it anymore than what it was to begin with, so I don’t credit myself with the destruction.

The fall from the wall resulted in the large mirror breaking off and getting cracked.  About half of the little mirrors either were shattered or cracked.  Some dowels came off, and others were bent.  It was a mess.

So what did I do?  I sat down and cried.  I sobbed, I sobbed and sobbed for my creation.  Why oh why did it have to happen, and at that, why right before the party?  I was so looking forward to showing it off!  Mum and my hubs tried to stop the waterworks.  But nothing worked.  I was just so frustrated and angry about the whole ordeal.  I threatened to cancel the party.  Without the mirror…what was the point?

Well there was a point.  So after about 10 minutes I gave up the crying games, the hubs salvaged the broken pieces he could, encouraging that we could use it as a template on a re-do.  I moved on.

The party went on without a hitch.  Thanks to my Mum for planning and making all of the food (which was SO good), and all of the awesome folks that came out to see the house.  I told the story of the dead mirror, and showed off the new initial art.  It was a success.

I’m still sad though.  But I am determined to make a new one.  It was too perfect for our house, I can’t let it go without.  I’m working on a new plan though, that will ensure it can not fall from it’s hanger.

I will make this work!


5 thoughts on “With Life Comes Death

  1. I’m so sorry for your loss. I know when you make a new one it will be even better than (and honor) the first one.
    I had a great time at your party and loved your “F art”. Not to be confused with your “fart”.

  2. The initial artwork is glorious. The house is marvelous. The tinkering of the mirrored starburst was disastrous. BUT….. the house was lovingly warmed and I have a feeling there are going to be a lot more “births” (and those nasty “deaths”) as you continue to nest.

    Congratulations on your wonderful home; you and Derek have done a great job at building the foundation for your family. I wish you much love, contentment and joy in your home.

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