Laundry Room Re-Do

While showing our friends the house this past weekend, we were continuously asked the same question – “What is your next home project?”

We couldn’t fully answer that question in the beginning… Our answers were full of hmmms, ahhhs,  uhhhs.  We’re really good with words, can you tell?  I was thinking of re-doing the sunburst mirror, or the other artwork for downstairs.  Then I decided on starting a project that would really make me feel a lot better.  This one we’re going about the RIGHT way.  Not that there is a wrong way.  But there most definitely is a right way. 

Our (read:my) next project is on the smallest, yet most functional room in the house.  I’m working on making our laundry room prettier, less chaotic, more functional and more organized.

So here is our laundry room as of last night.  Beware – I did not tidy the room for these pictures, I figured I would let you see it at it’s worst.

The biggest obstacle we have to face in this space is the litter box.  Even though we have ample space to store it in one of the bedrooms, or the other bathroom, it just makes more sense for us to have it hog up room in here.  Our cats really enjoy their litter box.  They like to kick the litter everywhere, make a mess and walk away from it.  Silly stuck up kitties.  So my plan is to make a cover for the box.  Not just any cover though, a functional one!  there will be no wasted space in this room whatsoever.

We came up with a list of needs that would make doing laundry much more enjoyable.

Storage bins for all the items on the shelves

A hanging pole to hang clothes up while folding

Space for drying racks

More folding space

Litter box cover

and the list of wants

New light fixture

More stylish shade for the small window

Covering for the back of the machines where the cords pop out

Maybe some artwork if I can work it in

Based on some of the things we like, I came up with a little mood board for inspiration –

My main reasoning for tackling this room is that it shouldn’t cost too much on the purse strings, and can be done relatively quickly.

That being said, this room is my goal for the entire month of February.  I’m taking it slow, but I think I deserve a bit of a break from the crazy marathon of home renovations we’ve been on since buying the house. 🙂 

So tell me readers, what are some must haves for your laundry room/nook?


7 thoughts on “Laundry Room Re-Do

    • I love that Shelly! I have those drying racks that fold down flat. They work good, but the stability of having something on the wall would be nice!

  1. Ach! That blasted litter box–in my laundry room too. My very project over this snowy, perfect home reorganization weather: reorganizing laundry room and making it more functional. Fortunately, I have a utility sink in there that we used to tuck the litter box under and it was perfectly out of the way–but with a 2nd cat added ended up with a mammouth-sized one, I could almost fit into it (lol) and it doesn’t fit so well under the sink. Project for Arie and Allie (dear sweet kitties): get used to a smaller bathroom.
    Don’t forget about the back of your door, perfect spot to put a hanging organizer.

    • The litter box problem is a huge one! Our box seems pretty small, but it just takes up so much space. Plus I hate looking at it 🙂

  2. I really really want a drying rack in my laundry room for hand wash stuff! Other then that cabinets would be nice to hide detergent and things like that.

    • We have drying racks (just no good place to store them!)…but you know what I end up using most of the time? The banister on the landing upstairs. It’s so bad, and probably not the best thing for the wood either. Installing a drying rack in the laundry room is quickly turning into a MUST for us!

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