Mommy Moments

I take my responsibilities of being a mommy to two cats very seriously.  They may just be pets to an outsider looking in.  But I’m here to tell you, these two angels mean the universe to me.

I wish I could start this post with a photo of the two of them as little baby kittens.  Sadly, all of my old pictures of them have been lost forever on my old laptop.  What’s even worse, is that that computer held potentially the only picture that will EVER exist, of the two of them cuddling.  So we’ll have to do without, but I promise, you’ll get some visuals.

I’ve been overwhelmed lately by my “mommy” love.  At night, I find myself just staring at whichever one is curled up in my arms while I read.  I just sit there looking at them, smiling, petting the silky hairs on their noses, quietly talking to them.  I can imagine most people would laugh at the sight.  But these are some of the best moments I’ve ever had, my Mommy Moments.  It makes it hard for me to imagine what it’s going to be like when Mr. Fay and I have our future embryos baking.  I never knew I had this kind of love in me, and it’s scary to think of it getting any bigger.

Here is my blog post – maybe the only ever on the subject – about the two perfect little angels that I have had the joy of raising.

It has been almost four years since we first met them.  My (now) husband and I were preparing to move in together.   I knew that I definitely wanted a cat, and the hubs agreed to having a pet (although he never was a cat person).  In June of 2006, my father lost his battle to cancer.  Immediately after, we moved in to our new apartment and I started the hunt for our domestic companion.  We found an add on craigslist for a litter of siamese kittens that were born to a stray cat.  A woman had taken them all in and was trying to find good homes for the whole family.  I went over to check them out.  It was fate.

I had my hopes set on Siamese.  My previous cat was one, and I absolutely loved the breed.  There I was, sitting on the floor of a strangers house, surrounded by 6 teeny, tiny mewing babies, and their beautiful mother.  I loved them all, right away.  A pair seemed the best option.  I couldn’t bear to completely break up the family, and figured at the most I could take two, brother and sister, this could work…  Have you ever had to pick a pet from a litter?  Have you ever had to pick two out at the same time?  I had no idea what to do!  All the newborns looked exactly the same, they were all playing, mewing, eating… Then, the most amazing thing happened.  One of the little ones came over to me and plopped himself down right behind my knee.  As if claiming me, I knew, this one was ours.  The second was a little different.  I noticed one little one, running and playing, a little ahead of the others, maybe a show off, with some strange markings on the ears.  That was that, I had found the ones that would become the center of my little world.  Some weeks later, on a stormy monsoon night, we picked up our new family and brought them home.

That little show off grew up to be our princess, Lucinda Scarlett.  The only Siamese features she got from her mother were her beautiful blue eyes and her notorious voice.  She is absolutely nothing like she was when I first met her.  Maybe a week or so into having them at home, I stepped into their area (the kitchen that we kept closed off for them) over the barrier and stepped on Lucy.  Not hard, I didn’t even put weight on my foot.  She wasn’t hurt, but it was my first moment of realizing how quickly things could go wrong, how important my role was now, everything mattered.  I cried for my little baby girl as she shook from the fear of what had happened.  Of course we rushed her to the emergency vet in the middle of the night to get her checked out.  She was perfect, just scared.

Today, Lucy is a skittish girl.  She doesn’t like anyone but her daddy and me.  She has quite a voice, and spends most of her social hours growling at her brother.  If you throw a little ball, or shed the light of a lazer, she turns into that bouncy kitten.  She loves to cuddle, under the blankets and sheets, and has a super strong purr.  Belly rubs are her favourite, as well as her daddy.  In the morning she is the first to remind us that she needs to be fed, and will quickly consume her own, and attack her brothers if he hesitates.  Her nickname is Lucifer, which I hate, but it’s quite fitting when strangers are around.  Even though she tends to be quite mean, my family loves her the most, even when she growls and tries to bite them.  I love my Mommy Moments with Lucy.  Sometimes her purring and snuggles make me cry because she is just so sweet with us.

This is the one that started it all, the angel that claimed us as his family.  Sebastian Orion.  He is a bit of a runt, a tiny guy, even full grown.  He gets made fun of for it, and for being a little bit prissy.  Sabby has been a bit of a handful since the beginning.  We had a big scare when he went in to have his manhood stripped.  During surgery his heart rate dropped scary low, and the vets were concerned for his safety.  He made it out okay, but we’ve been nervous ever since that there is something that has slipped through the diagnostics.  Just over a year ago he gave us an even bigger scare.  For a week he stopped eating, and threw up a lot, even water.  The last straw was the second he retched some water I forced into him (attempting to get him hydrated) and the clear liquid came up green/black coloured.  We rushed him to the e-room and he went in for emergency surgery.  He had an intestinal blockage of string and other gunk that his doctors safely removed.  He spent a few nights at hospital before we got the okay to bring him home.  He has been wonderful ever since!

My old man has gone by the name BudGuy for years, although no one knows why.  Sleep and lazer beams are his vices, as well as scratching furniture and playing in cabinets to get our attention.  When the hubs rough houses on the floor with him, you can hear the purrs that radiate even ten feet away – he has a loud motor.  He loves to pull the toilet paper off the roll, and enjoys playing with (clean) QTips.  At night, he is usually the first one to jump on the bed (within mere seconds) walk up to me, cry in my face, give me a head nudge, and curl up under the blanket (but over the sheet unlike his sister).  He is very attached to this routine, and it never fails to make me smile in acknowledgment of his affection.  Sabby also likes to tell me that I’ve spent too much time on the laptop by pushing it off my lap to take it’s place.

These two have made me a better, softer, responsible person-just by existing.  I still believe that my Dad sent them to us to give us strength and comfort when he couldn’t be with us.

I wouldn’t trade our family for anything, and I think the husband would agree.  He did in fact tell me that I looked cute the other day, all curled up with the two of them snuggling.

Mommy Moments are some of the best moments to have.


2 thoughts on “Mommy Moments

  1. Awww.
    Beautiful pictures. What kind of camera?
    I have had the pleasure of hearing Lucif (I mean) Lucy’s distinguished voice and her nickname is fitting for the kitty.
    As long as she is a good girl for you and Derek, that’s all that matters.

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