Feeling Rug Lucky

Rugs have spent a lot of time on my mind recently.  For weeks now we have struggled to find the perfect rug for our living room.  I never considered how important a nice soft rug was, until we moved into a house full of tile.  Now I can’t stop thinking about it.  Our furniture slides around when we sit down, and the floor is just so cold! 

As you remember, in our house tour – the living room looked like this –

Our living room doesn’t look like this anymore.  We moved the furniture around a bit, added curtains, broke the sunburst mirror, and took out the  rug. 

Why would we move the rug might you ask?  Well, it’s hideous in that room.  We left it there because it needed something, and after a few weeks I just couldn’t bear to look at the room anymore.  I loooove the rug though!  So I moved it on over to our sitting room – which also looks nothing like the photos in our house tour.   I guess some updated photos would be good right about now eh? 

Anyways, the rug looks beautiful in it’s new home.  It really fits with the sitting room, makes the room and room, and in general gives me warm fuzzy feelings.  The sitting room is officially my favourite room.  I love sitting in there with a book and reading in my reading inspired room.  If only I could get a lamp in there so I could stop premature blindness from taking over my eyeballs.


As you can imagine, the living room is now barren (and I’m not talking about fertility).  So off the hubs and I went to find a new rug.  This was after hours and hours of internet searching that resulted in no luck, days of shopping trips that came up empty handed, and much frustration.  We ended up checking out JCPenny’s for the hundredth time and one rug caught the husbands fancy. 

This one, only in a goldish colour.  I wasn’t in love, but thought we could give it a shot.  After all, return policies were made with homeowners like me in mind. 

Home we went with the new rug. 

It last about one and a half milliseconds before I demanded it be rolled up and returned immediately.  Totally not fitting in our house. 

Back to the lonely rugless existence we went, for another few weeks.  Only today did it occur to me to check home improvement stores.  They have rugs, right? That they do my friends. That they do.

Of course I have only had the chance to check them out online, but I think we have a winner!  Not only a winner in colouring (unless it’s really purple) and size, but also in price!  The online price is insanely awesome.  I’m checking it out tonight at the store, and will be keeping my fingers tightly crossed. 

I figure our couches are about the colour of those in the picture, and the rug is simple.  Simplicity is a must considering we have the loud mouth rug in the adjacent room.

Wish me luck tonight everyone!  I’m dying to get out of the rug market!


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