#78 Travellin’ Man

Last night was an epic night in the Fay household.

My husbands passport finally arrived in the mail!  I use the term finally incorrectly…In reality, we’ve only been waiting less than 4 weeks for the small parcel to arrive since mailing in the application.  To me though, it feels like it’s been forever and a day since I dreamt of my husband being able to visit my native land.  Now, he can finally see the world for the first time!  

This means that we have set the engines on full throttle to accomplish task #10 Take the husband to Ottawa.  We’re planning the trip for this summer so that we can be there for Canada Day in the capital city!

In just a few short months, we’ll be here

joining this crowd…

hanging out with some of these dudes…

eating these…

and some of this…

while drinking a couple of these…

If we’re lucky, we might even stay here…

I’m so excited to go home and share my birth country with my husband.  Especially since he has expressed his hope that we might just move back sometime in the future.


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