Seeing the Light

Before I get too deep into this post, let me talk a little bit about my laundry room “renovations”.  Friends, it’s not going too well.  Actually, it’s not going at all.  It seems that before I made the goal to get that project done, I could find everything I was looking for.  Now that I’m knee deep in February I can’t find anything I need!  So I’m frustrated.  I can’t find the right fabric, baskets, I have no idea how to built my litter box table cover.  Basically I’m down on myself.  I’m determined though.  This weekend I will built the table, if I can go back to the lumber department without running in fear.  I will ask for help from the nice guys at Home Depot without feeling stupid.  Okay, well maybe I’ll feel stupid, but hopefully they’ll be nice anyways.  I just don’t want everyone to think I’m ignoring my responsibilities to the laundry room 🙂

Back to what matters…  There are a couple of running “projects” that we are working on.  Not really things we’re doing as much as things we’re finding and buying.  The rug I wrote about the other day couldn’t be located at the store, so we’re going to go ahead and order it online this weekend and return it if it doesn’t work out.  I’ll update on that when it arrives!  The other item of interest is our chandelier over the dining table.  For reference – this is what we currently have…

Don’t focus on the table orientation as the table is now sitting the other way.  So this is our current lighting.  It’s a really big, pretty light.  If I was a more traditional person I would love it.  In fact this light has been the subject of many decor arguments between the husband and I.  You see, he is very traditional with decor.  If he had his way everything would be in cherry-ish wood, and this light would stay over the table.  In our house, this isn’t really the way things happen.  I get made fun of for “wearing” the pants in our relationship.  It’s really not that way though.  I give.  Sometimes.  A little bit.  Mostly though, my husband gives, and I graciously accept his willingness to comply.  I’ll have you remember though, he was the one that wanted to buy the house – I gave there!  So I figure, if I agreed to buy against my will, then I should get to decorate (with minor agreeance from him) the way I please. 

I’m a very fortunate wife.  My husband loves me enough to let me have my way with things, and I love him more because of it.  Plus, it’s not like I have bad taste or anything. 

While my husband is traditional, I am very much not.  If I had everything completely my way we would live in a futuristic house.  As you can tell from our house tour photos (well, the ones that are up at least) I don’t go all the way with this.  We have a nice mix of contemporary/traditional decor.  There is one thing I hate though – traditional lighting.  So we’re on the lookout for a new light fixture over the table.  Once that is in place we’ll work on the rest of the fixtures, and maybe even add some pendant lighting over the island counter *swoon*. 

So here are some contenders… Let me know what you think!

Capriz chandeliers…These I absolutely love…but I don’t think they’ll fit at all.  I really have my heart set on the long drop one for my special office room, when I get around to it.

Drum lighting?  Hmm…maybe ?

This one might be a good balance of both of our tastes. 

I really feeling the drum chandeliers (since I think the Capriz are out)…and there are so many varieties out there.  I think bringing a white shade into the picture will help lighten up the area a bit. 

What do you guys think?


2 thoughts on “Seeing the Light

  1. I have had a total crush on drum shades–love them! Plus I think of them as something ‘traditional’ Love those Capriz chandeliers though! Syl would think I was nuts if I brought one home, but who cares! 😉

  2. I like the last one the best. The chandeliers are GORGEOUS but not the right fit (IMO) for that space. I think the black of the last one makes a statement, but doesn’t scream at you. Plus I like how it will look like luminarias (I’m assuming) once its all lit up!

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