#34 Stepping Outside the Box

The food box, that is.

My husband and I love food.  We are so lucky to live in a day and age where there are endless possibilities and everything is at your fingertips.  We’re definitely the type of people that love to try new things (as long as there is more than seafood – the hubs hates it).  Yet, we find ourselves constantly in food ruts.  The same old places always sound good, and that keeps us from trying new and different places.  Well we’ve added the required 5 new places to our repertoire, and there are still more to try!

These are the lucky five –

MuShu’s – I love this place.  It’s pretty much a Mongolian grill, Asian style.  A fabulous combination.  A ton of food, and it’s very yummy.  I frequent this place with the work buds.

Majerle’s Sports Grill – My work had a function here, so we went for that.  We both really enjoyed their food, and their happy hour drink specials – half off martinis -WHAT?!  Totally a steal.

Two Hippies Beach House – I had a taco from here a few months back, and recently tried it again.  I like it well enough, and it’s a great value – but I was totally turned off from their Carne Asada – very fatty.

Thai Rama – I can’t get enough thai.  Especially thai restaurant lunch specials.  It seems that most of the downtown thai places I’ve tried have very affordable huge lunches.  This was no exception…  $6.50 for soup, egg roll, wontons, entree and rice.  Super yum.

The White Chocolate Grill – This was our V-day meal.  It was fabulous – my filet mignon salad was just amazing.  I will say, I was rather disappointed that at 3PM they were out of the white chocolate banana cream pie.  I was really sad 😦


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