PSA Better Than Sliced Bread

I’ve never done this before – but you guys are in dire need of this anouncement!

Is anyone out there a big fan of bagels?  Like as big of a fan of bagels as I am?  Well, that’s impossible – but you can still be a bagel fan.  Bagels are amazing.  My very favourite lunch is a nice toasted bagel, with veggie cream cheese, cheddar cheese and a bunch of veggies.  Mmmm I want one right now.  The one (and only ONE) problem I have with bagels, is how high in calories they are!  Plus, they’re kinda filling just on their own, so I tend to be a little bit stuffed after a bagel sandwich. 

Well last week I found the next best thing.  Seriously, it’s probably being added to the Seven Wonders of the Modern World as we speak.  I’m pretty sure these are more wonderous than The Empire State Building – and totally cooler than The Golden Gate Bridge.

Let me show you what I’m talking about.

Is the picture too small for you to tell?  Okay – fine I’ll tell you then.

These are Nature’s Own 100% Whole Wheat THIN sliced bagels.  Thin as in, half the size of a normal bagel and half the calories.  Half as filling, but double as satisfying.

Let’s do a side by side comparison…

On the left – we have regular bagels.  Five to a bag.

On the right – thin sliced bagels.  EIGHT to a bag. 

So not only are you getting a better bagel eating experience, but more of them in every bag!  Which by the way, the bag is the same price as the others – so that’s not even an argument.

I’m obsessed with these things.  They rock!


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