What Are You Building?

There must be something about two women in the lumber section that makes everyone wonder – “What are they building?”

Last week, my Mum and I ventured into the lumber section with a mission.  You see, I’m building a table, shelf, cover thing for the litterbox in the laundry room.  The thing is an eye sore when you go up the stairs.  So I figured wood + brain = a useful cover with the added bonus of more folding space.  If you recall from my laundry room post , that was two birds with one stone.

The thing is, building has not until this point in my life, been my forte.  So a lumber section…probably not the best place for me to be.  But then again, that’s what those nice men that hang out in the lumber section are for, right?  What happens when their are no men in the lumber section though?  Two women pace around the entire store about 3 times before finding someone to help…which almost led to us leaving the store altogether.  Ugg.

I think throughout the entire experience, we were asked maybe ten times “What are you building?”.  My response each time, “A shelf, table, cover thing”.  Very articulate Jaye Fay.  Of course my response was met with quite a few funny faces as I totally sounded like I knew what I was doing.  But I hit a winning streak when I explained my nifty, soooo savvy way of securing the contraption to the wall with 2X4s.  Yes, I know the true building lingo.  A 2X4.  I’m smart, what can I say, I’m a real winner.

I hit an even bigger streak when my Mum asked if I was going to use brackets to secure the table and leg together.  My response, “what’s a bracket?”.  Yah, real smart eh?

In the end though, we walked out of Lowe’s with

All of the things I need in order to make my table, shelf, cover thing.


5 thoughts on “What Are You Building?

  1. It’s all about the journey… you got there in the end, and next time the travel may be a little less rocky because you know a little more of the language when asking for directions.

    Good job.

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