A Girl Can Dream

I think I’m a pretty realistic girl.  I like keeping it real, living within my means and planning for our future. 

I have one very unrealistic fault though.  Or, maybe to you, a realistic characteristic – but to us, a fault.

I dream of new cars. 

There is nothing more beautiful (no not even a newborn baby) than a shiny hunk of metal, smelling of new leather and emitting a calming hum of engine satisfaction. 

I would love nothing more, than to upgrade myself from


Mmmm Hybrid. 

Now I know what you all are thinking…a Toyota? W ith all the recalls?  Really?

Yes people, really.  I am, and for the forseeable future, will always be a Toyota girl.  More specifically a Camry girl.  I have faith in my tried, tested and true vehicle.  Plus, there is nothing else in the world, except for my husband that makes my skin tingle with excitement.

This love affair started with my first car.  A 1992 Camry XLE.

Although mine was white, and totally pretty.  It took me a while to warm up to Cam.  Even though she was fully loaded, she was old, and sported the most elderly driver feature – wood interior trim.  Classy for a 17 year old right?  Well, we loved each other for a wonderful 3 years.  Our relationship was one that would have lasted a decade, if it wasn’t for the idiot driver that hit me and ended up totalling poor Cam.

So there I was stuck without a car, and having no idea how to pick out and buy a new car.  Naturally I searched for what I knew.  I checked out other Camry’s.  Then one night, I layed my eyes on my current car.  She was exactly like my first car, but 11 years newer, and sandy instead of white.  Oh but was she beautiful.  She even sported my awesome interior wood trim.  Oh yeah baby, I go nuts for that wood trim now. 

That my friends, is how my new baby became mine.  But here we are, almost four years later, and I’m itching for a new car.  As much as I love my ride, this…just makes my blood boil with happiness…

Alas…it is not in the current plan for Jaye to have a new car.  I have to remind myself how nice it is to own a car, to have no car payment.  Since we plan to do the same with our next car and purchase it in cash, I’m left waiting.  So for now, I just have to accept drooling over photos…  One day Darling Hybrid – you will be mine.

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