Extension? Please?

I think I need an extension.  You see, I planned on having the laundry room done in February.  Remember my nice post about how I was taking our current washing room from drab to fab?  Well, initially I did not plan on painting the room.  I was going to work with the Builder White.  I can’t do it.  The walls are white, but not totally white.  Which is going to cause me problems with my super secret shelf, table cover thing, which I plan to paint bright white.  What it boils down to is I need an extension.  I really need a weekend of not being stressed out.  If I actually went along with my plans to finish this sucker this month…it would result in a very stressful weekend for me. 

So instead, I think I’m going to work on a few other things that will result in de-stressing my life. 

1) Paperwork organization – we have a MESS of paper going on in our house.  It’s in dire need of some lovin’.

2) Fixing my Sunburst Mirror.  Yes folks, I’m going to fix it.  This weekend. 

3) Spend some quality time planning Ottawa trip. 

Of course I will be happy to update you all on these fabulous plans as I complete them 🙂  I hope you can forgive me…


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