Homeland Curses

**Warning Vent Ahead**

I spend a lot of time cursing various things.  I curse my womanhood that leads to me spending hours curled up in the fetal position once a month.  About three times a week I curse my ever worsening migraine disorder.  I curse the stairs for making me trip up them.  Depending on the day of the week, I curse the fact that I do indeed have to go to work, again.

You see, cursing things makes me feel complacent, that even if I can’t change it – I’m at least telling the world I’ve HAD it with that darn thing.  I have done something, not nothing.  You see?

To this day (well actually, until today) I have never cursed the fact that I am a Canuck.

While I’ve spent the last ten years being made fun of for my “accent”, the permanent status of eh in my vocabulary, my inability to learn the (US) National Anthem, the giddy smile of pride that graces my face when I hear my National Anthem… I have always been very pleased with the country of origin on my passport.

That was until I began to realize how expensive being from a different country really is.  Planning this summer trip to Ottawa is a huge expense!  Way larger of an expense than I expected considering I am just, after all, going Home.  Home should be a weekend trip.  Something that is standard, not above and beyond.  Going Home is not what I envision as expensive. Well, let me clue you in to what kind of an expense going Home – for me – is.   Between flights, hotel rooms, rental car for 2 days to go to Niagara Falls, food, activity fees and etcs…we’re looking at minimum $3K, more realistically $4K.

Maybe that is pocket change to you.  But when you’re sitting on 6 figure student loans…maybe you’ll see my point of view.  Don’t get me wrong, we are financially stable.  We make far more than we need per month (thanks to hubby still being in grad school, thus deferring the student loans and a mortgage that is much smaller than those student loans) and are steadily working to pay off that debt very quickly.  We have substantial savings and no consumer debt.  So it’s not that we can’t afford to take trips.

It’s just that I see that money as going towards something else – it could go towards the loans, or it could be more savings…  It’s my numbers brain.  It just doesn’t like spending a penny.

So today I have found myself cursing the fact that Home isn’t Colorado or Texas.

But then again, if I were from Colorado or Texas, I wouldn’t be me.

Canada, you better be worth it.

** End of vent**


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