#38 Hot Hot Hot

For weeks now, we’ve been planning to go to WildThaiger.  We are massive Thai food eaters – like seriously, I could eat Thai everyday.  All day, everyday.

I used to love eyeballing my brothers meals when we would have dinner there.  He liked to order the hottest of the hot – food so hot that the chilies are bright neon colours – Thai Hot.  I’ve considered it before, but never really been up for it.

Tonight, I took the plunge.

No one thought I would do it.  As the nervous ticks set in prior to ordering, there were many doubts.  I did not back down though.  I ordered my Pad Thai – THAI HOT folks.  That’s right, skip those measurements and just throw in the whole weeks supply of heat.

Here was my meal before I took a bite

I made it extra big so you could try and see the bright red and green heat chilling on my pad thai.

This is me about thirty seconds later

Okay, so maybe it wasn’t that bad.

There were definitely a few exclamations of “I’m about to die!”  and “My mouth is blistering” even “I’m going to throw up”.  The point is, I ate it.  Well…I ate half of it.  I seriously thought I was going to throw up.



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