Earth and Oceans

Have you taken enough time to appreciate our planet lately? 

I know I haven’t.

Every so often I get into what I like to call my Planet Hugging mood.  I’m in one today. 

So, as Earth Day is next month, I thought I could maybe help you all get in contact with your inner Planet Hugger so you would be prepared for April 22nd.

Last April, my Mum and I went to go see

and if you never heard of Earth…then you might not have heard about

which is coming out NEXT month!  So it’s best you learned about them both now!

Earth was seriously one of my favourite movies.  Ever.  I’m a huge fan of all things Disney.  This was yet another example of Disney hitting the nail right on the head.  It was so perfect, I cried almost the entire thing (happy, sad and some laughter tears) and was left in complete awe of our Planet.  Luckily, by going to see Earth in theatre, we were given a sneak peak at Oceans.  This movie has had a big build up for me because I’ve been waiting for it since that first teaser. 

I just can’t wait for next month.  My fingers are crossed that my Oceans experience is much like my Earth experience. 

So if you want to get yourself in an Earth mood – go check out the trailer for Earth and Oceans.  Who knows, maybe I’ll see you opening week – when Disney will make a donation to save our coral reefs in honour of your ticket!

The only thing better than Earth and Oceans…would be if Disney made a Space movie.  I think I would just die of happiness.right.then.


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