March Madness

Can you believe it’s March already?!

Well, I had a pretty successful weekend of relaxation.  I almost completed everything I had on my short list of things to finish up. 

I was able to get through our LOADS of paperwork and sort it all into recycle, shred and keep.  The keep pile is nice and short, pretty much consisting of old tax returns (remember unless there are extenuating circumstances you only really need to keep the last 7 years worth), and our house purchase documents.  This made me feel extremely accomplished – my husband takes after my father in that he keeps EVERYTHING.  There were student loan statements from 2003!  Seriously, the internet is a fabulous thing.  The next step is to plop the docs into our portable filing box and be done with the horror of paper everywhere!

I finally got the courage to get my supplies to fix the disaster that was my sunburst mirror.  My mourning period is officially over.  As soon as I find my camera charger (so mad) I can show you how it looks revamped!

Then there was the – work on Ottawa trip plan.  We’re pretty much ready to book the flights.  I just need to final okay from my Boss about the days off and we’ll move forward with that.  We’re taking a few mini trips inside of our big trip while we’re up there.  My friend Erin is going to join us in culturing the hubs in French Canada by going to Montreal for a few days.  Erin is on top of planning this as we speak.  Then the final weekend we are up there we’ll be heading over to Niagara Falls to do as Jim and Pam did and board the Lady of the Mist!  If there is one thing I love more than The Office Wedding episode – it’s Niagara Falls.  Woot! I can’t wait! 

Some other small things I completed this weekend – I made these rolls for our Family dinner last night, they were yummy!  I spent 6 hours waiting for a non-existent Tsunami to attack Hawaii.  I rooted for Canada in the hockey game.  Spent a few minutes convincing previously mentioned friend Erin to read Wizards First Rule by Terry Goodkind – and successfully struck a deal with her that if she did that I would watch Battlestar Gallactica.  You see, that is true friendship – introducing new things to each other by way of bloody bribery.  I consider it a win win situation, what about you? 

I also made a spreadsheet of our plethora of student loans.  Then choked on my own tongue and proceeded to think positively that we WILL pay them off, and SOON.

Oh yes, and I yet again stared at our tax forms as I put off sending them in – again.  They’ve been done since January.  Lazy accountant over here.

My weekend was busy! 

In honour of the month of March, I will be partaking in my very own March Madness (that does not involve Basketball).  This is the short list of things to do this month.

Go see Remember Me in order to catch Eclipse trailer – and watch Panty Terrorist Rob Pattinson in action.

Attend Matthew Good concert – WOOOO

Celebrate a bunch of Pisces birthdays

Read 10 books

Celebrate our one year anniversary by eating a freshly baked replica of our wedding cake from our baker

Finish laundry room makeover

Start on the next room makeover

Refinish some more old family furniture (!!!!)

Buy a new computer for the hubs – because the three in our house is not enough.

That’s the short list for now.  I’m sure within the next few days it will become The Long List.

What did you guys do this weekend?  Did you have a successful February 2010?  Or maybe plan for your own (basketball or not) March Madness?


2 thoughts on “March Madness

  1. Jaye…

    Our brains must have been on the same wave lenght this weekend.

    I too made a spreadsheet for our student loans, complete with original bal, interest rate, monthly payment and current balance. I wanted to cry afterwards.

    I also finished my taxes. I just need to print and mail. ( I cursed the whole time since I can’t e-file and have to wait 6 weeks to get my money)

    I told Damion all that I had done and how much we were getting back. He got that “what can I spend it on” look and then I bashed all his dreams and said it was going to pay of a family debt and student loans… then he wanted to cry.

    • So funny! Yah…our student loans are freaking me out. I try to stay positive though.

      We’re the same though – we’re taking our massive tax return, matching it with savings money and sending a big check to pay off one of my student loans. I totally wish that was going to be play money…

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