It's Not Just a Game

It’s going to be a real live television show!

Today news broke the interwebz waves that HBO is moving forward with production of a new series- Game of Thrones.

I can imagine that right now, nerds everywhere (just like me) are jumping up and down, squeeling, pulling out their hair…maybe even throwing things.  Maybe to some of you non-followers, this is no-news.  But to us, the die hard fans…

Oh wait.  Did I not explain what this all is?



There once was a man named George R R Martin.  Alright, there is a man named George R R Martin…

Years ago he wrote a book called A Game of Thrones, the first book in his series A Song of Ice and Fire.

This book happened to be one of the best pieces of literary work to ever exist.  At least in my world.  Actually, the yet-to-be-completed series is in that standing for me.  The books rock.  You know me, I don’t lie to you.  I mean, if it has led to me having the illustrative companion book displayed on our coffee table, it has to be good.  Like, really good.

I’m turning in to a bumbling idiot with all this excitement.

Anyways, fans of aSoIaF (cool acronym eh?) have been patiently (read: totally not patiently) waiting for the release of the 5th book in the series for years.  Years of doom is what it was like for us waiting folk.  That was until we were privy to some very exciting news about 2 years ago that had the potential to tide us over…  That HBO had optioned the rights to making a series out of the books.  HBO being the only (besides Showtime) station that could realistically pull together this series that is chock full of violence, mature language and sex.

The next 2 years were full of dream cast lists, waiting, speculating, and finally a real cast (Sean Bean and Lena Headey to name a few!) and pilot filming.  Oh and there might have even been an instance of the pilot script leaking to the public…  I will not confirm nor deny it’s existence.  It was 2 years full of anticipation, with full knowledge that this might just not work out.

Today the open ended waiting is over though.  HBO will be bringing it all to life.

Congratulations are in order for George.  I can’t even imagine the excitement that this news must bring him.

So if you are an HBO subscriber and enjoy reading, you might just want to check out the books before the show gets here next Spring!  As you can guess, the Fay household won’t be throwing away Cox’s phone number.  The no cable TV rule is going to fly out the window next year.

We must prepare ourselves my friends.


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