Garage Diving

A few weeks ago I went up to clear out the garage at my Dad’s house (now my stepmother’s house).  Ever since we built that house, the garage has been full, and when Dad got sick, we never got around to clearing it out.  So now it’s been almost 4 years since he passed away, and we’re finally taking care of that.  It was a task I was dreading, but the reasons why…well they aren’t for a public blog – you never know who’s reading, eh? 

The actual task of going through the stuff was bound to be fun.  Considering my family kept everything and I knew there were boxes of stuff still sealed from when my parents moved to Canada from England.  Treasures were just waiting to be found!  So on a rainy Saturday, we enlisted my cousin’s husband to help us with his truck and trailor, as we brought pieces of my childhood, and my parents lives down to our house. 

Even though we went to get anything and everything we could of my Dad’s, there were a couple of things that we knew we wanted, no matter what. 

First, our Britannica encyclopedias.

Now I fully realize that these books are old, and the information is way past it’s expiration date.  That doesn’t change the fact that they were hugely valuable to me.  I have so many memories of opening up a volume to whatever I was interested in at the time.  I felt so smart.  Can you see why I love books and information so much?  I was raised on it.  Screw sports and playing in the mud, I was a child of knowledge! 

I’m thinking that our future children will find amusement in certain volumes.  Especially those containing records on computers and the U.S.S.R.  I can see it now… “Mommy…what is that huge box with the tiny screen in the middle, and why does this book say it’s a computer??”

Along with the Brittanicas came about a million other books.  Books on astronomy, geography, science, atlases and let’s not forget, my brother’s Where’s Waldo books.  I love every single one. 

The other important thing we wanted to bring home was a spinning bookcase…

This beauty used to sit in our formal dining room back in the native land.  Since moving to the States though, it’s remained a dust collector in the garage.  What a waste of such a neat piece of furniture.  Who would have known that this awkward corner in our sitting room was just made for this piece.  Or maybe this piece was made for this corner.  The good old debate of the chicken or the egg. 

The bookcase came all the way from England.  My Mum even told me about the day it was delivered.  Apparently it was delivered during a rainy English day, and the delivery guys left it in my parents backyard, where they rarely looked!  Luckily they were able to notice it before there was damage to the wood or the books that came with it!  Oh yes, it came with all of those books in the photo (ok…not the HP set).  So we also now own a set of Britannica Great Books…perfect for the husband who loves to read up on all his favourite ancient philosophers. 

The only problem is, the colour doesn’t match our room.  So you can bet what I’ll be doing!  A refinishing day is in my future.

Aside from those things, we brought home everything we could.  We now own all the tools we need to tile our bathrooms, wet saws, tile clippers…awesome!  I have my Mum’s scroll saw for my future in wood crafting.  Oh and very soon, I’m sure you’ll get pictures of me sporting my Dad’s old tool belt!  We also have all the camping gear we could ever need, and even more fun stuff…

Our house is even sporting this guy

This horse came all the way from China!  Mum brought him back with her on a trip that she and my Dad went on.  At first I didn’t think he meshed with our house, but everyday I’m falling more and more in love with him.  Maybe he’s a little ornate, but you know what he doesn’t lack?  Character.  Every house needs a little dash of character, and what better way to get some than adopting a Chinese horse to guard your front door. 

So what about you guys?  Has anyone else had fun going through old family things?  If there was ONE thing you from your childhood home that you would love for your home, what would it be?



9 thoughts on “Garage Diving

  1. It is wonderful seeing the horse take up residence again. He was hand selected, in China, from hundreds and made his travels back very carefully. He’s perfect right where he is!

    The bookcase looks perfect there, as if it were made to sit right in that corner. Much better than the corner of the living room it resided in, in Canada. In England, it lived in the under the stairs niche in the first house. It lived in the library (yes, we actually had a library) in the second house. In those days, the library was just beginning, not nearly as many books, but the room was sunny and had a beautiful pull-out chesterfield and the pull down desk, along with the smaller of the oriental rugs.

    Thank you for the memories!

  2. Oh, and I have several of the things I wanted from my childhood home; that would be the picture of the little girl hanging in my study that hung in our bedroom; the Uncle Wiggly books and my dolls.

    Oh, and maybe the porch swing from the house in Braddock.

  3. I adore the bookcase that is AWESOME! The thing I wish I had from my childhood that I can’t have actually because we got rid of it, is our china hutch, we held onto it for so long when my mom and I downsized from our large house when she got sick. And it was just a reminder of how sick she was and how it really didn’t fit. But now that I’ve got my own home, I hate seeing the perfect place for it and not having it.

  4. Actually, Boo, your back patio would hold a free-standing porch swing very nicely. Ours hung from the porch ceiling. It was wonderful. I can remember wrapping up in blankets with my sister and sitting on that swing, under the porch roof, just watching it pour with rain.

    • Not to butt in, well actually totally to butt in, but we have 2 free standing porch swings on our back patio, and I adore them! It’s so awesome to be able to sit together and hang out back there. Colin especially loves them!

  5. oh and a small reminder….. you did play in the mud, and you did play sports; soccer until we discovered that you didn’t have a competitive bone in your precious little body when confronted with friends on the opposite team, and baseball, until, well, one season; that was enough for you.

    Mud play was better though, especially searching for worm-friends-pets.

    And, is not camping, and hiking and carrying lawn chairs to favourite dark spots for meteor shower/aurora borealis watching, a sport now. I believe if you look in the olympic annuals of rules and regulations and wishes, you’ll find that star gazing in sub-zero temps has now made the Olympic team sport list. Yes it has.

    • Okay Mum, you’re right. I did play sports (but they were not my forte) and I played in the mud on occasion (but that was only so I could locate new worms to experiment on with all of the theories I was coming up with on worm biology thanks to all of the great books you guys kept around)!
      Point is, I was a well rounded child, but a nerd at heart. *hugs*

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