She's Baaaack

I’m going to start this post by telling you something I’ve learned about myself.

I lose things.

In fact, I’m surprised that by now I haven’t lost my car, my husband (oh wait…I did do that once…story for another day) or house.

I’m that bad.  I am an organized person.  I do keep a pretty organized house, and hate clutter.  These two things combined do not lead to success in always knowing where things are.apparently.

When hubs and I first bought a digital camera when we moved in together, I was constantly losing it, the charger or the computer cable to load the pics.  I don’t think for the 3 years we used it that I could ever tell you where all the accessories were.  Which is what has led us to not having very good memories on photograph.  It’s not like I didn’t try to keep everything together, and in the drawer where I always knew where they were.  But shit happens people, and that is the motto I am now officially using to describe my inability to know where things are.

This leads us to my case in point.

You know that sunburst mirror that I promised I would fix.  The one that I promised I would then get you a photo of back up in it’s hanging place?  Yah.  Well.  I lost the charger for my NEW camera.  Actually, I lost the whole box.  It’s gone.  Disappeared.

Now after what happened with Cameragate circa 2006-2009 I knew to keep everything TOGETHER.  For real.  Not just try.  But to actually do it.  So since Christmas, all of the cords were hanging out in the box in my closet, and the camera was always on the coffee table.  Guess what?  This ain’t the situation I’m dealing with now, or I wouldn’t be so fuming mad over it.

We’ve looked everywhere.  We both tore the house and my car to bits looking for it.  It’s gone folks.  G.O.N.E  with the wind.  I’ve decided to invest in a new charger, and I have no idea how I will take care of this one.  So since I haven’t bought the new charger yet.  Or more likely – that my husband has been too busy being the super genius with a 5000000IQ student/researcher/tutor that he is (and I like letting my husband do the electronic purchases since he gets Best Buy points)….  I still have yet to post you that promised picture.

I’ve resorted to using the machine from Cameragate 2006-2009 (not to be confused with the current event Cameragate 2010), which wouldn’t you know, happened to be sitting with all of it’s cords in the office.  Go figure.

You better appreciate this picture, after everything it’s put me through.

But isn’t she pretty, oh SO pretty (and I don’t mean the kind of pretty that my friend Christie means)

Please don’t judge me for my loss factor, or my skills at cleaning a mirror.  My mother did teach me well, it’s just another fault in this engine.

Do you guys lose things too?  Is it just me?  The world might just be out to get me.


4 thoughts on “She's Baaaack

  1. Woo-hoo! It looks great! She’s a beaut!

    P.S. I misplace my cell phone chargers all the time. I say “misplace” because I do end up finding them, but it usually takes forever to do so.

    • I do this all the time too Jules! That’s how I’ve ended up with three phone chargers at home and a mini usb for charging it on my computer at work. It’s ridiculous. Even with all of those – I still can never find one when I’m at home.

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