#6 and #9 A Little More Green

I wanted to give it a few weeks before I considered these two to be completely achieved. But it’s official! 

We started getting rid of all of our plastic food storage a few months ago.  It took us awhile to clean out all of the old stuff and buy enough glass storage to keep us going for awhile.  It’s great though.  We’ve been plastic free pretty much since we moved into the house.  Check!

Giving up paper towels was another story though.  A few months ago we were gifted a bunch of cloth washcloths to use in cleaning.  I started transitioning us out of paper towels then.   The first step was hiding the paper towels from sight.  This way we didn’t mindlessly reach for a paper towel to wipe up a spill.  It worked on me – not so much on hubs.  He found the secret stash and well…that just didn’t work out.  So then I just stopped buying paper towels.  There were a few instances where he would pick them up on his way home from work thinking we were “out”.   When the last roll was used up I put the paper towel holder in the pantry and we haven’t had any in the house ever since.  It’s been at least a month.  I think that deserves another check!


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