Next Stop, Broadway

No no no, not for me. 

This post is devoted to my friend Christie’s husband and a little musical he is in right now


Last night my friend Julie and I went to go see Nick perform The Light in the Piazza, where he is the LEAD.  Not only a lead role, but an Italian one too!  I had never heard of the show before the production came to the Phoenix Theatre down here.  All of the wonderful reviews had me realing to go see it though – not to mention the fact that I KNOW someone who is in it.  It’s like knowing a famous person.  Seriously. 

The show was great!  The storyline was cute, and a wee bit sad.  The scenes were full of drama and quite a few moments of hilarity – Julie and I both favoured the scene where Fabrizio’s (Nick’s) brother is teaching him how to “dance”.  I loved the Italian singing.  Hearing Fabrizio call Clara Seniorina totally made me swoon (no Christie, not for your husband – for the word).  How cute is that word Seniorina? I’m thinking about asking my husband to start calling me that.  Not sure if he’ll be into it.  Obviously he’ll need to start working on his Italian accent in order to make it sound swoonworthy.

Not only was I swooning over foreign terms of endearment…but over the costumes that Clara wore!  Holy moly, I swear I was born in the wrong decade.  Those dresses were adorable.  So feminine and beautiful.  Oh how I wish I was travelling through Italy wearing this

Photo courtesy of google – not this actual performance of LitP.

Everything about the show was great, and it was only made better by the venue.  The Phoenix Theater is such a neat venue.  It’s small and intimate, making you feel like you could touch the cast members.  I seriously wanted to touch them, or jump on stage in the middle of a song to see what everyone would do.  You know me, I’m klassy like that.

Even in a show that was so great as a whole, there was a reason why Nick was the one with the loudest applause at the end.  He was absolutely fabulous.  My fingers are crossed that someday I can take a trip up to New York and see him on the latest Broadway show.


4 thoughts on “Next Stop, Broadway

  1. You HAVE to go to Italy. It is a wonderful place. We were there in Oct. and loved it.
    Never heard of that play. I love Broadway shows.

    • It is a beautiful country from what I remember from when I was there years ago 🙂 I hope to take the hubs someday soon!

  2. DID you have an enjoyable AFTERNOON?

    I’m signing at you with emotional determination. Then sprinting out of the theater.

    Had a great time!

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