It’s a Zoo!

“They” say that you learn something new about yourself everyday.

Now, I don’t know who “they” is, but I do know that I do agree with the previous statement.  Lately I’ve spent many days learning how to write a new piece of code for my awesome program I’m making for work.  Yesterday I learned that apparently I get car sick sometimes – for no reason.   Tomorrow I hope to learn some new Matt Good songs at his concert. 

Today though…Today I have learned something very valuable about myself.  I never knew (and never saw it coming either!) that I love having a house full of animals.  Zoo animals.  Not the domesticated kind.  Definitely not the “real” live kind that eat through your trash, poop on your carpet and tear up your sheets (although I could really do with having one of these).  I’m talking about the kind that don’t move, talk, excrete bodily fluids. 

You’ve already seen these two inhabitants of the Fay household

But we now have these guys too

How cool is that penguin?  Don’t you wish you had a penguin for your kitchen?  My Mum picked this up for me at a thrift shop.  She knew I was into these animals before I even did!  I plan to paint him white soon.  I think he’ll look really nifty with the chips in his skin.  Penguins in Arizona.  Who woulda thunk it?

Our royal elephant was something I had eyed for weeks before finally splurging on him.  Truthfully, I’m still thinking about going back to the store and getting the frog one as well.  I love my elephant. 

So as you can see, I may have already been the Crazy Cat Lady, but now I am the Crazy Zoo Lady.  There are still plenty of rooms in our home that could benefit from a little animal lovin’. 

Anyone else have a thing for ceramic and stone animals?  Or maybe another home decor fetish?


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