SAHH: Stay At Home Husband

I like to remind my husband how much I really REALLY, like super REALLY want to be a stay at home wife.  Don’t get me wrong, I have goals and dreams, career focus and motivation.  I just think I would be really good at staying at home.  This discussion first came up when one day while folding the laundry.  I was folding everything (and I’ll admit it, I’m not the best folder) and noticed that the Hubs was RE-FOLDING everything of his after I had already done it.  So, I obviously got a hint…I don’t fold up to his standards.  I made some “I’m not good enough, eh?” statement to him, and we had a good laugh.  Then I made a point to tell him that if I was a Stay At Home Wife I would be the best darn folder that ever existed.  As well as the best housekeeper and chef.   I really love doing all of those things, but I just never have enough time in the day with work.

Well, it’s never likely to happen since I need to make the moolah while hubsters is finishing school, and then there will be babies. 

So no staying home, perfecting my home making skills, but I’m joyous that this week is Spring Break.  I never thought I would get to see the benefit of it since I finished school.  Now I have to work through that glorious week off.  I do.  My husband doesn’t.  You can imagine my joy, when I arrived home to this last night

my very own Stay At Home Husband!  Joy Joy Joy!  Dinner made and ready when I get home.  No cooking.  I can relax. 

What made this even better was the thought that since Hubs had no studying to do, we could actually spend a few hours doing something together (this never happens).  So we decided to walk to the library and spent some time picking out books.  This sounds lame right?  Well, I am afterall, a simple girl. 

I know I only get to keep this SAHH for the rest of the week, but I really could get used to this!


4 thoughts on “SAHH: Stay At Home Husband

  1. I have to say, Mr. Fay, you have me beat in the pancake department–even after 20+ years of cooking for husband and family, I still suck at pancakes : )
    You are a sweetie and I think Jaye should keep you.
    Love you both!

  2. I have to say, that picture makes me smile every time I look at it. Only our Mr. Fay would be laid back enough to stand waiting to flip pancakes with one hand in his pocket. Jaye would be standing with pancake turner in one hand, Sabby wrapped around her neck, her other hand kneading pasta dough, and giving direction at the same time. Mr. Fay is so perfectly relaxed all the time…. you gotta love it!

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