Celebrating Canadian Style

Question: What’s better than celebrating your birthday with Canadians? 

Answer: Celebrating with Canadians at a Canadian concert.

Yesterday was my big brother’s birthday. 

Yesterday also happened to be the first time Canadian musician Matthew Good was concerting in Phoenix.  What luck right?  So hubsters and I took him to the concert in hopes of feeling like we were 14(me)/18(bro) and living the free life of our underage youth.  But first, we had some beers…and if you know me, you know that I do not drink beer, ever.  Well take a look everyone, let me introduce you to MY beer

Yes, I drank it with ice, and through a straw.  It was major yum. 

Anyways, onward to the concert!  The opening band was Automatic Loveletter…I’d never heard of them, but was pleasantly surprised!  They were great, and the lead vocalist was charming as she bantered back and forth with my brother in this fashion…

Brother (at the end of a particularly great song) : I LOVE YOU

Juliet (lead vocals): Thanks man in the back!

Brother (raising arms up high): You’re welcome!

Juliet: Wow, you’re tall!

Brother (points to my husband): Not as tall as him

Juliet: Oh really?

Brother: Yah, he’s taller…by like an inch.  I LOVE YOU

Juliet: You should come up to the front

Brother: Maybe later

Random right? This conversation took place across the space and time of the room and later ended with my brother meeting her dog.  Go figure.

Then there was the guy we came to see.

The last time I saw Matt Good in concert I was 14, spending the summer in Ottawa.  Back then, Matt Good was known as the lead singer in the Matthew Good Band.  Now, he’s Matthew Good (accompanied by his band).  Aren’t band politics awesome?  Anyways, that concert was known as Blues Fest 2001 and I was in attendance with over 140,000 people.  It was a night of many things…

1) The night Matt Good burned a Justin Timberlake doll on stage (and we screamed in awesomeness! Oh to be rebellious youth)

2) The night I lost my first and only toe ring

3) The first time I was in a mosh pit….okay the only time I was in a mosh pit


4) The first time I crowd surfed…okay the only time I crowd surfed. 

I’m such a rebel.

That concert rocked.  The band rocked.  Always with consistency, almost ten years later (and nearing the age of 40) Matt Good still rocks.  In fact he rocked harder than I’ve ever seen before, only this time, in a small venue with maybe 50 people.  I screamed louder than I’ve ever screamed when he started playing Load Me Up and hooted for Apparitions …the songs of my innocence. 

If you have never heard of him, I strongly encourage you to clink this link (as well as those others up there) and listen to one of his newer releases.  It will blow your mind with awesomeness.

Last night, in that small room, with a bunch of screaming Canadians, head bashing groupies and some of my favourite people, I felt humbled. 

So here’s to hoping that I’ll be rocking out with Matt Good in another ten years.


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