Precious Cargo

The Hubsters and I took a mini road trip today.

We drove an hour each way to bring home something super duper special.  Something that was well worth the 100 miles on my car, the 8 dollars in gas and numerous traffic jams while driving with a full bladder.  The drive out was full of eager anticipation of our precious cargo that would be returning home with us.  The drive back was full of glorious smells.

What was this trip for?

All for a little six inch cube of yum!

We were very fortunate to have a wedding cake baker that does anniversary cakes.  With the massive amount that our wedding cake cost *coughmorethanmydresscough* I like to think of it as the expense that keeps giving and giving.  Not only did we get a free one year cake, but I believe the deal also includes 5th, 10th, 25th, 50th year cakes as well.  All of which we plan on remembering when the time comes.

So with us nearing our one year celebration of marriage (tomorrow!) we brought this slice of heaven home today.

We couldn’t be more pleased with the perfect replica (and the many congratulations we received while at the bakery were welcomed as well).  It’s quite a chip off the old block.

Mmmm just thinking about how delish that cake was is making my mouth water.  I can’t wait to slice into the replica and see which flavour it is.  Could it be the flavour of our real top layer – Strawberry Shortcake?  Or maybe one of the other three weird (but so amazingly, insanely scrumptious) flavours we had the cakery come up with – Orange Dreamsicle, Black Forest, Bananas Foster?  Such a mystery wrapped up in this little package.

I couldn’t help but have a mini photoshoot with the cake today, you know since it’s such a beautiful day outside, not because I’m weirdly obsessive with baked goods or anything.

Our little trip today was well worth the drive.  Especially since we had an awesome audio book The Historian to keep us entertained while detouring closed highways.

To think, one year ago right now, I had just finished getting manicures with my bridesmaids

and was stressing over how by being such a massive procrastinator, I had yet to finish packing up for the wedding festivities or write my vows.

Luckily I made it through that afternoon with flying colours, and today I’m proving that things haven’t changed much as I still have not picked up a card for the Hubs or bought groceries for our uber exciting dinner I’m making tomorrow.

One thought on “Precious Cargo

  1. HAPPY ANNIVERSAY TO TWO DEAR PEOPLE. Can’t believe we were all together one year ago. Love and Kisses. Aunt Ty

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