First of Many

Today we’re celebrating our very First Wedding Anniversary.  It feels as if it was only yesterday we met, let alone got engaged, planned a wedding and got married, bought a house…  It’s been a year already?

So let’s take a little trip down memory lane.

A year ago this morning I was beautified with my best friends and Madre

I put on a pretty dress

Met up with my very own Prince Charming

Posed for an awful lot of pictures (that we’ll treasure FOREVER)

Made some vows (including but not limited to – me loving the Hubs even though he refused to watch The Godfather)

Exchanged a few rings

Had a few PDAs

Made some noise

Danced to some French music

Got down with our bad selves

and played with some bubbles

We had the best start to a beautiful life together.

To my Better Half – Thank you for choosing me to spend your life with.  Thank you for loving me and taking care of me when I’m stuck in bed with a migraine on our anniversary….and especially for FINALLY watching The Godfather this year.  You are my favourite thing in the world.

If our next fifty years are as wonderful as this first, we will be the most blessed love birds in the Universe.


2 thoughts on “First of Many

  1. As a parent of a daughter, you always hope that your princess will find HER ideal Prince Charming (and recognize him!!!). Many PC’s are lost because they just are not recognized; what a pity. But I digress. For our princess, I wished a PC who was brave and committed enough to rescue her, but strong enough to let her do a little rescuing too (let her Girl Guides career pay off a little), a prince who saw through the practical and saw the enormous heart inside our princess. I also wished for a PC who accepted a royal (pain in the butt) family and could love us for being more court jester than majestic. We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect PC for our Princess, a very beloved member of this royal family. And for our PC, you got the bestest Princess in the land, boyo…. cherish her or the Knights will be by to see that you do. Much love and wishes for a lifetime of your style of fairy tale happy endings.

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