Enlightening Films

I don’t watch a lot of movies.

I USED to watch a lot.  Then I stopped.   Now I maybe watch one a month, and spend my extra time reading instead.  This month though I was able to see a lot.  This weekend alone I watched three, and all three were really something to talk about.

Food, Inc. was a great eye opener.  We’re pretty food conscious at our house – don’t eat meat often, organic as much as possible, lots of whole/clean foods.  It’s just the way we like to live.  After going through college years eating ramen and fast food, we found that it really wasn’t that much more expensive to eat well – but we felt about 1000% better.  It was great to watch this film and have it completely solidify all of the food values we hold. 

It’s definitely disturbing to watch, especially the slaughterhouse pieces, but what really stands out is how industrialized the food sector is.  Honestly, it scares me.  I know we are a highly populated country, there are many millions of people to feed…but this food industry is extremely monopolized, political and grotesque.  This film wasn’t about the maltreatment of animals (even though it shows it) or about the gross things we put in our mouths…No, this one was different…This one was about the monster that this country has created.  A power hungry food industry monster.

I highly recommend that everyone watch this.  It will change your life. 

I think I was on a documentary roll – but I’m so glad I was.   The Business of Being Born was another great great life changing film.  There were so many eye opening facts included, and even though the film was completely one sided, I really enjoyed it.  I know I’m not pregnant now, nor will I be in the immediate future…so maybe my opinion doesn’t count on the subject.  It offered more solidification on my (and hubs) values…and opened up a lot of conversation in our house – which is always a good thing! 

Highly recommend – with warning that it there are many live births included.

What’s with all the heavy subject matter?!  Let’s get a nice lighthearted option!

HtTyDragon is in one word AWESOME.

I was drawn in by the 97% rotten tomato score which I thought was surprising considering RT usually has relatively low ratings compared to other movie databases.  So I kept thinking “This is going to be amazing…RT gave it 97%, so it’s probably more like 100%”…and that it was my friends.  I can’t find one, not even half of a flaw in this creation. 

The storyline is creative and interesting.  The characters (dragons included) are loveable.  The animation is bright and detailed.  It is a truly exhilarating movie to watch.  I cried a lot…which says one thing to me…Dreamworks has finally done it.  Until now, Disney has been the only animation producer to make me shed tears.  Not only did I shed a many on this, but I was itching to clap and cheer at the end.  It was that good people.  A lot of people in the theatre with us DID in fact clap (always a sign of a good time). 

I seriously want to go see this a thousand more times.  I just shoved Meet the Robinsons off my top animation list…the new top dog award goes to HtTyD!

Stunning.  Exhilarating. 

A movie for all ages, and all tastes.  You will NOT be disappointed!


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