Giving In

I’ve been working on goal #54 of my 101 in 1001 for quite some time now.  This specific goal was a lofty one – to grow out my natural hair colour.  For way too long I’ve been a redhead that colours her hair red.  I’ve just never been content with my natural colour – although I can admit that if it were allowed to grow out completely, it would be pretty smashing.  Unfortunately, there is this strange in-between phase where it looks mousy from afar.  If you check it out real close though, my natural hue is a kalidescope of reds, blonds and browns.  We can probably assume that it was somewhere around Strawberry Blonde considering the Arizona sun likes to bleach it out.

I have always hated the super summer bleach out though, which led to the summer dye out, which led to a year round dye marathon.  I hate to admit this – because, well, for someone who tries to be pretty natural, eco-friendly and chemical-free…I’m sure hypocrital when I colour my hair with a box of deathly chems.  What does it matter that I use completely natural shampoo when once every few months I’m letting the evil leech in.

Well, after our wedding I cut off about 14 inches of hair figuring that if I kept it short, it would be easier to grow out the natural hue.  I stood my ground…for a year.  By standing my ground, I mean I kept cutting it shorter, hoping and praying that I could have this grow out thing over soon.  I was close.  It was about 6 inches grown out before I lost it.  Completely lost my will power and motivation.  I couldn’t take the constant exclamations that I was a brunette.  ” I AM NOT A BRUNETTE PEOPLE” (not that there is anything wrong with them – but I like for everyone to know my true colours.  It helps explain my tantrums, tyrants, freckles, fair skin, inability to stay drugged during surgery, etc. How else can I explain all of this?!?!)  I guess the mix of my natural colour with the bleach out from last summer made everything look muted – but I swear, if you saw the baby hairs at my temples in the sun, you would see the prettiness of it all.

See?  SEEE???

So I gave up.  Pressure got the best of me.  I coloured it, and man, I feel so good.  It was like slipping back into my skin after a long coma.  Hubby even came in that night and said to me – his in bed, no makeup, icked up wife – “You’re hair looks really nice.”  Ahh see, the redheads really do get all the attention.

I’m sad though.  I wish I had the courage to just suck it up and go au natural.  My natural colour is pretty, I just can’t get it there.  So instead, I am the spiffy, undeniable, super redhead (from a box).   At least I know in my heart of hearts that I belong in this group of humans.  I have baby pictures to prove it.  This club needs as many candidates as it can get – considering we’re going extinct and all.  Let’s just hope that my genes miraculously battle out my husbands dominant BROWN everything genes so we can make some little redheaded babies to join my parade.

What this all means – I have failed on goal #54… You see, I had a year of short hair and desperately miss my long, bodacious locks.  I highly doubt that I’ll decide to go back to cutting it short and growing out the colour again.  It’s so unlikely, but I refuse to give up a goal.  I’m making a change.  It’s my list, and I can do what I want.  Instead of growing it out, goal #54 will now be changed to— Colour hair using henna.  I’ve read up on this, and I think I can do it.  It’s a natural way to bring out the redness in your hair, and with some crazy cool outcomes.  Sometime within the next 2 years, I’ll be mudding up for some non-chemical colour treatment.  Care to join me?

3 thoughts on “Giving In

  1. 2 things:

    1) Your hair looks lovely at this length. I’m a big fan.

    2) I think (don’t quote me) that Aveda uses all natural color products, I know it’s more $$, but maybe worth a look…

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