Gambling Gretchen

That’s me. 

But wait a second…my name isn’t Gretchen right?  Well, Gambling Jaye doesn’t sound as cool, and if my Mum had her way I probably would have been a wooden shoe wearing Gretchen. 

I’m not a big gambler.  I tried once in Vegas and it was such a rollercoaster that I stopped the second I was breaking even.  Even though there is a possibility you can make a ton of money by chance, I just can’t leave my money up to chance…  Chance…  I’m married a statistics grad student.  You’d think I would have him learn how to count cards or something, I’m sure he’s smart enough.  I just don’t like to take risks.

That was until it came down to buying our flights for Canada this summer.  About 2 months ago I checked the prices and was FLOORED when they were close to $600 each.  I used to fly up there 3 times a year for under $350 each time.  What the heck?  Luckily, just when I was starting to get used to the idea of spending the money, flight prices dropped.  They dropped lower everyday, and everyday I realized that I was entering a very risky game of chance.  I kept thinking that I bought the tickets, and prices continued to drop, I would be so devestated for spending more than I had to. 

So I was glued to multiple websites for about a month.  About two weeks ago the flights hit a low of $450, and that I could spend happily.  My brain kicked in though – “But Jaye…what if they are $440 tomorrow?”  I didn’t even think of the possibilty that they would jump up.  Well, would you believe that they not only jumped, but FLEW up.  The next day the same tickets were $570. 


I hated myself. 

So much.

I practiced some breathing exercises and made a pact with myself.  I would be buying those tickets the following Tuesday (I heard somewhere that this was the cheapest day to buy flights) come hell or high water.  Whether the prices were $450 or $600.  Enough of this stupid game I was playing. 

I spent the next 4 days worrying over it.

Yesterday was my agreed upon date to purchase those tickets.

We bought ’em.

Not for $450 or $570.

Ours were $453 and I got my wish of being on two big planes on the trip up there (instead of a big then a tiny guy for the connection). 

The Fay Household is very excited that in just a few months we’ll be going on our first ever, real vacation together (I know, RIGHT?).  We’ve visited our families together, but I’ve never counted those as true vacations.  Ones where we go off by ourselves, stay in a hotel…We’ve never done that.  Seven years together and we’ve never done that.  I can’t believe it.

We also learned a valuable lesson in flight purchase – make a price goal and stick to it.  When you hit that goal, buy buy buy.  It’s just not worth the stress of playing those games of chance!


One thought on “Gambling Gretchen

  1. Yes, you’d have been Gretchen Fay now. Not so sure about the wooden shoes, but definitely a dierndl in your baby clothes. I’m excited about your visit to your birthplace and your first vacation together. I know you so desperately need this vacation and having lived away from “home” for so long, I understand the delight in returning and especially, showing everything to SIL. I hope it is an awesome trip.

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