A Month In Review

The madness of March is over.  It was a short and successful month.  So I thought that I would give you guys an idea of what we did accomplish this month – and what we didn’t.  Maybe even a glimpse at what will happen in April.

Per my March Madness post —

I did make it out to see Remember Me in theatres – it was surprisingly good.  I tend to ruin things by Wikipedia’ing everything I read/see before I do.  This was no exception.  I’m glad I did on this one though.  The surprise ending is extremely moving, and if you don’t know it’s coming it could be quite an unpleasant shock.  I loved it though, and definitely enjoyed seeing RPatz in something other than vampire movies.

We also made it out to the Matt Good concert, which I talked about here.

I went to go see a musical, which I hadn’t expected to do, but I’m so glad I did!

There were many Pisces birthdays celebrated.  Pisces’ are my astrological opposite, and I just so happen to have a ton of really great Pisces people in my life – Yah for Birthdays!

I set out to read 10 books last month, and I ended up reading 9.  I was close though – my 10th book I’m on the 12 CD out of 22.  Still pleased with my reading outcome for the month.

Hubs and I celebrated our one year anniversary (which there were a lot of posts for, so you can search for them if you missed any)

We bought our plane tickets for Ottawa this summer!  Can’t wait!

The laundry room did not get finished – let me explain.  I realized a few weeks ago that there is a possibility our washer might be giving out.  It’s acting funny…and I don’t want to take any chances.  So I started doing some research, and I think that we’re going to attempt to purchase stackable front loaders come Black Friday this November.  I figure it gives us some time to plan for the event (I’ve never done a BF before) and it means that if the washer does give out, we have a plan.  Even though we have everything to do the makeover – I’m not going to bother starting it now when the layout of the room will change drastically with stackables.

Which leads me to…starting on the next room.  I used to think that the guest room would be my next room.  The more I think about it though, I have no idea what I want for that room.  I’ve also been feeling like I really need my own space in our house.  Over 2000 square feet and I don’t have my own space.  So the next makeover is going to be my little room.

I want it to be a nice place to read, with a daybed for guests (and hanging out for me).  I want the furniture to be workable in a future nursery, since we won’t have a place to put everything once a baby is in the works.  There needs to be a desk so I can have a nice, comfortable place to write.  This room will inevitably take me a few months.  Reason being – I plan on making the furniture myself (with some hubs help).  Yup, I will be completely making my own furniture.  WOOT!  I am so excited for this.  I have some plans and ideas, but I won’t be sharing them until we’re actually building. Stay tuned.

I didn’t get to start on my next furniture refinishing project.  My Mum is working on a project of her own, and is using the electric sander – so I’m putting that off so she can get some stuff done at her place.

We did buy a new computer.  So now, our computer count in this house is FIVE.  Wow.

So that was what did happen – and what didn’t.

I haven’t made a lot of plans for April, other than to start on the first piece of furniture for my room.  I’d like to choose a paint colour aswell – but I’m drawing a blank right now.

I’m hoping our tax return gets here so I can pay off one of my student loans…

Oh…one more “big” thing.  It looks like I’ll be doing something I had no plans of doing.ever.  I’m starting towards getting my CPA.  Which means I have five more classes to get through to reach the required 150 credits.  So I’m hoping I can work on that plan this month.

Anyone else have big April plans?


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