Favourite Things 1st Edition

I’ve decided to start up a new tradition here in my blogworld.

In case my 5000 questions isn’t giving you enough insight into my life – I’m going to start a Favourite Things post.  I have no idea how often I will do it, just whenever I feel like I need to show you some of the things I LOVE, and make my life a happy one (you know, besides the hunk of hunkiness that sleeps next to me).  PS – I stole the idea, sort of, from my friend Lisa (who has two of the most adorable girls on the face of the planet).

Warning – these items come in no specific order, and are of no specific theme.  Random is the word of the day.

Item # 1 – My Stainless Steel, Eco-Friendly Water Bottle (yes it goes by it’s full name, every time)

Plastic sucks.  Plastic waterbottles + living in AZ heat = gross amounts of trash ending up in a landfill.  Do yourself a favour.  Buy a SS water bottle.  There are tons of brands.  Klean Kanteen is my personal dream bottle…even though I don’t own one, but I’ve bought them for friends (very very grateful friends might I add!) and I can’t wait to get one for myself.

For now though, mine works great.  It’s been attached to my hip for over six months now.  As you can tell by the few bang up bruises that this little glory has sustained…it gets a lot of use, and has earned some scars to prove it.

Item # 2 – Pretty dish soap dispenser

My Mum finds me the coolest things…like this cool thing.  I think it might actually be an oil dispenser – but I like her idea better.  We have noticed that we waste a ton of dish soap.  When you pour it out, you really don’t pay attention to the amounts… well this has helped out a ton.  Plus, it looks really pretty on the sink, and I don’t feel like hiding the ugly bottles anymore.

Item # 3 – Universal Lithium Battery Charger

Remember that problem I told you about awhile ago? That losing things problem?  Well, I solved my missing charger case!

No, I didn’t locate the old charger.  I bought a new one.  A really cool new one.

It sticks in the wall socket and doesn’t take up space!  So now, whenever my battery is dead, I know exactly where to find the charger (no we don’t leave it stuck in the wall, sucking electricy 24/7…it usually just sits below this socket on the counter – NO WHERE ELSE).  Another cool factoid about this expensive little bugger…it comes with a million different plates so that you can charge a million different batteries.  I have no idea when I would need this…but it’s nice to know that if I’m ever vacationing with friends, who happen to have forgotten their camera charger, I can probably save the day.  I like doing that.

Item # 4 – The Broken Bowl of My Dreams

I’m surprised I haven’t told the world about my bowl yet.  I do love this bowl.

A few months ago, we were shopping at HomeGoods (best store ever).  I wanted to find a glass bowl or tray or something to go on our dresser in the bedroom.  This beauty was peaking out from the back of a shelf, near the bottom.  I almost squealed in delight when I saw it.  Actually, I did squeal.  The husband loved it too.  It was perfect and it was only $17 dollars!  A steal for something that looked much more expensive.

That was until I noticed something that almost broke my heart…one of the edge pieces was broken off.  *input sad face*

But I couldn’t give up on this piece.  So I had my faithful companion ask an employee if they had anymore (they didn’t) and if they would be willing to give us a discount to purchase the broken one (10% off).  10% didn’t sound like much.  I mean, this thing was BROKEN.  No one in their right mind would buy a broken bowl for $1.70 off the list price…  Only, a minute later, I was standing in the checkout line, preparing to do just so.  The wait was filled with many “should I get it?” “10% isn’t much…” “But I really WANT it!” statements to my husband.  Once we got up to the front of the line, I asked the cashier if they really could only take off 10% for the broken piece.  She said yes…and I prepared to walk out.  Instead I looked up at hubs and said “I really, really, really love it” *puppy dog eyes*

She came home with us a few minutes later…and wouldn’t you know…we only paid $12.99.  How, I have no idea, but I did not complain.

Item #6 – My DivaCup

It feels like I’ve waited a lifetime to talk about this thing.  I’ve been tempted on so many occasions to dedicate a whole post to the wonder of a DivaCup.

Are you clueless yet?

Boys – please leave the room.

Girls – Are you sick and tired of uncomfortable pads and tampons?  Are you depressed by the amount of money you spend on feminine hygiene products?  Are you at least a little bit comfortable with yourself?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions – this might be a product for you.  It took me a few years of hearing about the awesomeness through a friend of mine, before I splurged and bought it for myself.  Since I did though, I have never been more happy and stress free about my monthly curse (well except for the cramps).

A DivaCup is an alternative to other menstrual products.  It’s exactly what the name says – a cup.  A reusable, soft, sterile, silicon cup, that holds your…well you know.  Seriously, stop freaking out, it’s not that scary.  I’m not going to hash out all of the details…I’m sure you’re brain can process the information (and if not, I’ve linked the website with helpful FAQs for you).  I will tell you though, it’s worth a little bit of research and consideration.  Heck, if I became a believer, even after almost upchucking my breakfast the first time I emptied the thing…anyone can.

My DC changed my life.  It was the best $40 I ever spent.  Not only am I pleased with never having to purchase another box of tampons again, but with the less trash I’m filtering onto the planet.

Go DivaCup!

So there is my Favourite Things post for now.  I hope you enjoyed the randomness.

What are some of your favourite things?


2 thoughts on “Favourite Things 1st Edition

  1. You’re so cool, the DivaCup was featured on the Blogher FB page today too. So funny I’d never heard of it and now I can’t get away from it :). If I needed it I’d totally use it.

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