Food Co-op!

I’ve been wanting to join a food co-op for quite a while now.  It didn’t seem like we had many options down here though – which frustrated me immensely and led to my dreams of moving to Seattle so I could have all the farmers markets/co-ops/organic-clean-eating I wanted. 

So far, we’re still in Phoenix, and have no near future plans to move to Washington – but for now, we have found a co-op! 

A friend on a message board I’m part of posted about Bountiful Baskets.  They are a co-op that runs services in a few states, and Arizona just happens to be one of them.  I’m on-board for this!  You can imaine my excitement of my soon to be enjoyed seasonal fresh fruits and veggies. 

This week we’ll be making our first contribution to BB and will be picking up our supply on Saturday.  I’m so excited because:

1) These are going to be relatively local produce – which is hard to find in a state where the ground is next to the hardness of a diamond.

2) Seasonal items means that I get to learn to be more creative with recipes – cooking from what I have, even if I’ve never eaten it before.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that sometime soon we’ll get some kale so I can make kale chips. 

3) Coming home with something like this…

makes me giddy.

I’ll make sure to post about our first co-op experience once we pick it up!


3 thoughts on “Food Co-op!

  1. Those fruits and veggies look delish! Question – how wallet-friendly is it? How much would that bushel of food cost?

    • Well I don’t know exactly how big the bushel of food is going to be – but the regular contribution amount is $15 and the organic is $25. I’ve heard from various sources that it’s 3-4 grocery bags of fruits/veggies. I’ll make sure to take detailed photos on Saturday for you.

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