White Washing

I have become a huge fan of painting everything I can touch white.  Well, it’s not really just painting – but that’s another story.  The point is I’m obsessed.  I love white – I want everything white if I can make it happen.  Heck, if we’re doing white, then we might as well do it when we have no children to mess it up.

As I’ve mentioned before, I have super secret plans to paint our kitchen cabinets and stair rails white.  Super secret, because up until this past weekend I have gotten a devout NO from my husband.  Okay, I got an ABSOLUTELY NOT on the kitchen cabinets and a MAYBE on the stair rails.  Which led me to keeping my fingers crossed that he would take a mini vacation in the next 6 months so that I could jump on these while he was away.  I’m mean like that. 

You see, I think he will like it.  I think that he is just a scaredy cat and doesn’t like change.  But I know that it will look better, more crisp, clean and fresh.  Everybody likes freshness. 

I took a big risk this weekend by mentioning my desire to paint the railings the following weekend.  I held my eyes tightly closed, and crossed my fingers, toes and internal organs, expecting to get another NO.  Instead, my amazing, wonderful, handsome husband replied with – “Okay, but not the cabinets just yet, right?”  I was shocked.  So not only is he caving on the railings – without a fight, but he’s mentioned the cabinets as a yet not a never.  I have hope. 

This discussion has brought me to yet another project that I’m going to tell you I’m going to do, and then never show you results.  We know this as fact based on my past home projects such as – buying a new rug (changed my mind on the colour and still haven’t made it up yet), buying a new light for over the dining table (still can’t get hubsters to let me do this), re-do laundry room (I’m not even going there right now) and I’m sure there are about five hundred other broken promises to add to this list.  I suck and fail at giving my precious readers what they desire. 

You know what though?  I’m well aware of my past failures – and I’m going to just keep swimming. 

Now that I have my husband on par with taking care of the railings, I feel that this is a necessity to jump now.  If I don’t, I’m chancing that next weekend he’s going to be back to the NO parade.  So I’m going to attempt to start up on this project asap.  When I say asap I mean ASAP.  I actually plan to start taping off the railings tonight or tomorrow and start the light sanding after that. 

Here’s to hoping that I can take this

and turn it into – something like this

This weekend is the perfect timing.  I usually try to sleep in on Saturday mornings, so much that it leaves me not that much Saturday left to do things.  Well, I’ve already placed our co-op order, and it needs to be picked up very early on Saturday morning.  So guess who is going to have no excuses this weekend? 

That’s right. 

Jaye Fay.


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