Co-op Bounty!

I am beyond words right now!  Our co-op basket is amazing!  What a great first try at joining the Food Co-op world.  We’re definitely going back for seconds next week 🙂

So here is the load we brought back this morning.

The whole experience was pretty awesome.  We arrived at the school parking lot a few minutes early and watched all the volunteers finishing up the distributions to all the baskets.  There was a line forming already, so we jumped in tow and waited patiently.  Quite a few of the people there were newcomers, just like us!  Everyone was oohing and ahhing as the secret items were dropped into baskets – “Did you see those blackberries?” “Oh wow, a pineapple!”

We signed off on the check sheet and were sent over to a nice lady in a gray shirt who helped us load up the basket into the bags we brought with us.  She mentioned that if you volunteer and if there are extra baskets that morning, the volunteers get to take them home!  I’m thinking of volunteering maybe once a month.  It just looks like so much fun, and I love that the whole thing is run by nice, helpful people.

I held off on our menu plan this week since I had no idea what we would be picking up.  Now that we have it though, I can see so many possibilities.  My husband is looking forward to the container of mushrooms and cherry tomatoes (I hate both) and I can’t wait to consume that precious melon!

Want some more eye candy?

Oh and I’m not sure if I mentioned the special offering they had this week.

FIVE loaves of 9 grain, no preservatives bread, for $10!  Our freezer is now stocked with sandwich bread (and I still have artisan dough in the fridge) for consumption this month.

I am so happy that Kim brought up the topic of Bountiful Baskets – or I never would have heard about it.  This is a great opportunity to enjoy fresh fruits/veggies/baked goods from local farmers, and the best part?  No hefty, money driven corporation runs this show.  This is the fruits (and veggies) of hard labour and our beautiful planet at it’s best.  It is also a wonderful option for families that are having a hard time making ends meet.  McDonald’s dollar menu is not the only affordable option out there.

In case you’re wondering, my first basket – bread included, came to $28.

$15 for the basket

$10 for the bread

$3 first timer fee

A job well done if I do say so myself.


5 thoughts on “Co-op Bounty!

  1. I missed the deadline by 1 minute. 😦

    I was putting in my cc information and it turned 10:01 then emptied my cart. Oh well, I can try next week.

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