Stairwell to Heaven

Yah right.  More like stairwell to H.E. double hockey sticks!

This time I really bit off more than I could chew.  I have no idea why I had it in my head that this banister painting project was something I could complete in two days.  Let me tell you folks, it is definitely not a two day project. 

So let me show you how far I got this weekend…

That happens to be the finished primer/sanding stage.  Which is precisely where I stopped until next weekend.  Hopefully at least, since I’m sort of considering leaving it this way for all of eternity.  It doesn’t look that bad, you know, with the places where you can see through to the wood, or the brush strokes, and not to mention the slightly oily feel of the primer.  Ooh-la-la. 

Why did this take me so long to do?  Let’s talk about the process for a moment —

Step one – Tape off all edges of the banister and move furniture that is close to it away so that you don’t get splotches of primer all over them (like me)

Step two – Come up with a plan as to how you will remove splotches of paint from carpet and tile if they happen to get in those places

Step three – Sand the entire banister to get rid of any shiny-ness (easy for me since only the railing was sealed)

Step four – Wipe down banister, vacuum and clean meticulously

Step five – Prime the heck out of that wood with an oil based primer

Step six – Realize that step five took a whole heck of a lot longer than you imagine (especially when you are trying to watch episodes of Lost on your laptop at the same time)

Step seven – Let cure for whatever the can of primer says

Step eight – Sand AGAIN – but this time, you are sanding to get a nice smooth surface, so you want to sand the whole thing, really well.  Should be smooth to the touch.

Step nine – Clean AGAIN

Step ten – Take a break until next weekend

But hey, at least I got somewhere, right?  Progress!


2 thoughts on “Stairwell to Heaven

  1. You’re too funny! I painted our new banister last week and it was quite the PITA! I’m sure yours will be lovely.
    Mine really needs a second coat, but not sure I’ll EVER get around to it 🙂

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