Backyard Jungle

When we bought this house the backyard was nice and pretty.  It was one of the reasons why we loved the house actually. 

Then came the winter storms this year, which we quite hardcore for us Arizona residents.  We got more rain than we wanted, which led to our backyard flooding, and after a short amout of time, this is what we were left with…

I swear, one day the yard was pristine, and the next it looked like we had pooled MiracleGrow over everything.  My favourite part (read: gave me nightmares) was this overgrown atrocity that was desperately reaching for our patio door.  I think it was contemplating taking over the whole house, but who really knows…

Even when it wasn’t the scary creature from the garden, we always planned on removing both bushes. We’re not big plant people…let me rephrase…we’re not big unuseful plant people.  I had visions of a vegetable garden going in it’s place.  Since we already have a clementine/tangelo/tangerine/manderin (we have no idea what it really is) tree back there, we figure we can attempt to sustain ourselves on lettuce and orange citrus fruits. 

Maybe not…but still…

My husband has been bugging me to get some huge gardening shears so he could start trimming back the plants.  Well, after the millionth attempt on his part, we finally took a trip to HomeDepot to buy some.  When we came home, he immediately jumped outside to start on the removal process.

The plan was to trim back the bushes, and excavate them later.  I’m proud to say that during the time it took me to sand, clean, prime, sand, clean the banister, my husband successfully removed BOTH bushes!

I was so proud of him!  Of course, there are no after photos because hubberinos hasn’t finished clearing up the area and didn’t want me to document it til he was finished.

Oh and I’m ashamed to show you this…but this was part of our side yard as of this weekend. 

Check out the WEEDS!  The thing is though, this was completely clear two weeks ago when we spent a few hours de-weeding the entire yard…they are monsters I tell you, MONSTERS.

So let’s hope that we can get some more work done this weekend, and have a pretty and clean yard once again.  Then it will be on to the landscappers to talk about redoing the grading back there so we don’t flood come Monsoon season.


3 thoughts on “Backyard Jungle

  1. I adore large gardening shears, I feel so powerful with them in my hands. As far as yards go, I feel powerless–You should see ours right now–soooo scary! 🙂

  2. hey, lets see some after pictures when you are done.

    That side yard, I can see why it floods and you have weeds, the patio pavers weren’t installed correctly.

    Keep up the good work

  3. Oh Jaye don’t feel about the weeds, it looks like we have a wheat field growing in our backyard. All the weeds are so tall and recently turned brown b/c of the heat. Ew!

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