Love Thy Planet

Earth Day 2010 is here!

So unless you are illiterate, you have probably figured out by now that I’m what I like to call – A Planet Hugger.  Being a Planet Hugger is kinda like being a Tree Hugger, without all of the dorky characteristics.  When I was a kid, saying someone was a Tree Hugger was kind of an insult.  I mean, not really, but people laughed about it.  You were labeled as a dork.  Stupid, eh?  Today, this isn’t necessarily the way it is, going green is quickly becoming a popular movement.  I still think we need a change, we need a little bounce in our steps!  So in honour of the millions of THs out there that have ever felt singled out for their values, I’ve created a new team.  Being a Planet Hugger not only makes you one of the coolest people you can be, but one of the best people too.

Consider yourself a security system of our planet.  Think about it.  Humans spend quite a bit of money protecting their assets, securing their homes and cars with fancy devices, hiding treasures in safety deposit boxes and buying insurance plans.  Where is the protection for our real home, not the one we live inside of, but the one we live ON?  There isn’t any.  So we need to be the protection.  All of us.  Right now we’re fighting a long, hard war against all of the wasteful and harmful things we have done to Earth, but if we work together, we might just win it.  Consider the win being a safe, healthy, beautiful home for you children and their children to grow up on.

So maybe you’re wondering what you can do to make a difference this Earth Day?  The possibilities are endless…

Plant a tree fit for your climate ( what about a veggie/herb garden?)

Make an effort to turn off the tap while you brush your teeth, or time your showers ( I like to time my showers to one song…that way I can sing and dance and my shower lasts less than 3.5 minutes)

Carpool or use mass transit to get to work/school (save the planet and gas money)

Transition to reusable grocery bags (for more challenge – get rid of your paper towels, transition from plastic food storage to glass)

Use Earth friendly cleaning products (or make your own!)

Buy used instead of new (HELLO thrift shopping!)

Look into eating local and seasonal foods (Transportation costs are way high for food)

Recycle what you can (and donate the rest – someone may need it)

Bring your own thermos to Starbucks (you just buy their coffee for the cool cup, eh?  No excuses – they sell their own reusable thermos – just like the cup!)

Unplug appliances when not in use (Better for your electric bill too!)

The most important thing you can do is to be responsible and knowledgeable about your imprint on this planet.

Need some additional ideas? Check out the official Earth Day site.  Due to high traffic (yah!) I wasn’t able to pull it up, but keep trying.  There you’ll be able to check out what other people are pledging to do for their Earth Day.

Earth is a pretty cool place, and it would be awesome if it was a cool place for the rest of eternity.  Just think, we don’t have anywhere else to go, this is it!  As much as I like to research the thought of terraforming Mars of Venus for life, it shouldn’t be our plan B.  Even if we could live on another planet, or in outer space, we’d only do what we did to Earth.

So be a Planet Hugger, and make your imprint on this world one of change – change for the better.  Recognize that what you do does matter.  Marvel at the natural beauty that we call home.  Basque in the warm sunshine outside.

Look around you and see the possibilities for improvement and empower those around you to help work on making them better!

Everyone wants to make a difference, and there is no better day to start!

Oh, and don’t forget to go see Oceans, it has a 91% rating on Rotten Tomatoes so far, I wonder what tomorrow will bring?


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