Rolling in Produce

Since last weeks co-op bounty was so bountiful, we chose right away to do it again this week.  Maybe for some people this is a lot of produce to go through in one week, but for us, it’s just perfect.  We didn’t need to buy any groceries last week besides the co-op basket.  Our veggies were paired with home made polenta, tortillas or other whole grains throughout the week.  It’s a fairly simple food lifestyle, but when you’re eating clean, that’s just what you do – and we love it.

I get so excited leading up to basket pick up day…I just might have had a hard time sleeping last night because I was thinking about all of the yummy things we were going to get.  We also had the option to choose a mexican pack this week – which we took advantage of.  So I’m thinking we’ll be having a few mexican inspired dishes this week as well as some home made pasta sauce with those tomatoes.

Hopefully you’re enjoying my photos because I’ll probably keep it up.  It’s fun to lay out all of the food on the counter and do a photo shoot 🙂

There is a lot to catch in that view – so I’ll give you a few more just for good measure


Want to know another really neat thing about Bountiful Baskets?  They’ve taught me a lot of important tips about storing and prolonging the life of my produce.  I feel stupid for not knowing that keeping tomatoes in the fridge makes them not taste as yummy…or that potatoes should be kept in a dark, dry, cool (not COLD) place…like a drawer.  My brother was startled when he opened up one of our kitchen drawers to see all of our potatoes hanging out in there.  For now that will do, but I’m going to try and make some fabric “baskets” to hold potatoes and other non-refrigerated produce.  When I get around to it that is.

I hope your weekend is starting out as bountiful as ours!


4 thoughts on “Rolling in Produce

  1. What a lot of wonderful fruit and veggies for low price. I have to ask though, did any of it go to waste last week–or did you find use for EVERYTHING?

    • None went to waste…in fact we still had a few red potatoes left last week and half of the bag of apples. Totally awesome!

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