Awe In The Oceans

Have you guys been wondering yet where my DisneyNature Oceans post was?  I contemplated not even blogging about the film, considering I have already harassed you plenty on the subject…case in point… Then I remembered that this is MY blog and I can blog about whatever the heck I want to blog about 🙂  and boy, do I want to blog about Oceans!

As you can bet, for the last 12 months I have been waiting for this movie.  You can think of it as the kind of mass hysteria that I exhibit from phenomenons such as Harry Potter and Twilight.  My husband heard me talking about both Earth and Oceans constantly (insert childish annoyance here).  It got to the point that I finally rented Earth again from the library so he and I could watch it. I’m all about enlightening my husband to the coolness of green.  Halfway through the movie I made a comment like — SPOILER WARNING “I hope the baby elephant finds his way back!”  Now, remember, I have seen this movie before, so if anyone out of the two of us watching should remember major plot points, it should be me…My husbands response was “He does”  Mine “How the heck do you know?  You’ve never seen this!” His final comment – and believe me, my husband is all on having the final word when I let him “You told me everything about this movie the first time you saw it. I listen.” 


My husband listens to me.  I’m in awe. 

Oh wait.  This post was supposed to be about Oceans. 

Okay.  So he was hooked on the whole DisneyNature thing.  You would be too, if you watched these films.  Have I said it enough?  AHH-MAY-ZING

How can you not love a movie that includes these faces

and yes, those are REAL, they are not cartoon (even though their animated eyes make it appear so)

The truth is, Oceans had me at, well, Hello.  Especially since the narration describes the ocean as holding galaxies that aren’t in space.  That’s the fastest way to my heart: galaxies, universe, supernova, globular cluster…mmm space.

Sorry, back to the subject matter…

From the first few scenes that showed powerful ocean waves I was spellbound.  I found myself cooing in awe with the rest of the theatre dwellers. 

Awe is the only word that describes the camera catching the reflection of a space shuttle launch in the iris of a Galapagos Iguana.

Awe is the only appropriate reaction to watching a diver take an afternoon swim alongside an enemy

I’m not sure if awe is the word for it, but there are definitely words for this guy…they just aren’t in my vocabulary.

Then there are the things that there are just no words for.  Imagine the most massive school of fish, creating a beautiful and complex column of their combined mass as they swim together.  Think of the most amount of crabs you can imagine, and multiply that by a thousand, and you still can’t even touch the amazing footage of undersea crab colonies that they find.

This film crew has a way with finding the absolute beauty in our powerful oceans, and their inhabitants.  I never knew that the ocean was full of beautiful silk scarves (or is that a Blanket Octopus?)

The list of amazing footage goes on and on.  You just can’t describe the intense experience that this film is. 

My thumbs (and big toes) are pointed way, way up for DisneyNature.  You guys rock. 

It doesn’t end here either!  DisneyNature is going at it again!  Next year (another 364 days of uber Fay excitement) on Earth Day they will be releasing African Cats.  The trailer looks adorable, and full of even more beauty, if that’s even possible.  Check out my brothers blog for the trailer if you wish.

So tell me, avid readers, have any of you listened to my encouraging words and seen Earth or Oceans?

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