Vegetarian Potato Tacos

Last night I put our Mexican pack produce to good use!  Which was quite a different spin from our usual vegetarian dinners.  Our simple lifestyle involves a lot of roasted vegetables and various salads…But last nights dinner was a breath of fresh air and something I hope we can add to our regular routine. 

At first all of the items in the pack made me a bit nervous.  I had never made anything with serrano peppers or tomatillos…and wasn’t too sure about using them in anything.   When have I ever let that stop me though?! 

So I made these suckers for myself and my adoring husband (his words, not mine.  Okay.Mine.)

They don’t look like much, but they were full of flavour and fresh crunch!  Even better, they are on the healthy side, especially if you don’t use a lot of the potato filling and hype up the veggies.

This was sort of complicated because I made everything from scratch, but honestly, it wasn’t too hard and well worth it.  You could totally make the tortillas and potatoes ahead of time.   I’m not giving you these pieces in the order I prepared them…I was multitasking – had potatoes boiling while tomatillos were roasting.


3 cups flour – I use unbleached

2 tsp baking powder

1 tsp salt

5 tbsp oil

1 cup water

+extra flour/water as needed

Mix all ingredients in a bowl to combine.  Dump onto counter, knead until even consistency is achieved and separate into about 12 balls.  Roll balls out as thin as you can without breaking them. 

To cook, heat pan to medium and when up to full heat potential, lay one tortilla at a time and cook each side until flecked with golden splotches. 

Potato filling

5 medium red potatoes sliced thinly

2 garlic cloves minced

salt to taste

pot of water

Add potatoes to water, cover and bring to a boil.  Boil under very tender.  Drain, add garlic and mix with a wooden spoon (you don’t need to add milk/butter.) Add salt if you wish and set aside. 

Salsa Verde – This was SO easy and tasty…I made it up as I go, so I’m hoping I did it right

8 tomatillos

2 serrano peppers

3 cloves garlic

2 tbsp fresh cilantro

1/2 onion

splash of water

Set oven to 400degrees.  Remove skins of tomatillos, wash and pat dry.  Lay these on a baking sheet with the peppers.  Roast until outsides are browned, some will be blackened depending on sizes. 

When they are fully roasted (your house will smell yummy!) add them and all of the other ingredients into a blender or food processor (I use a blender, my food processor is the size of a munchkins toe).  Blend until fully combined.  Taste and season with more garlic or a splash of lime if you wish. 

The rest of the plan is just preparing the suckers for consumption.  I layered my taco the following way…


Thin spread of potatoes

Heaping scoop of salsa verde

Huge handful of shredded cabbage

Diced tomato

Diced avocado

A few pieces of green onion

A splash of fresh lime juice

The final step is a feeling of euphoria and realization that you can now die at peace.

Seriously though, these tacos were pure YUM.  I only ate one because there was just so much on there that I was stuffed.  I have no idea what a traditional potato taco is.  The only other kind I’m familiar with is the Taco Bell variety that consists of fried potatoes and a yummy avocado sauce.  Truthfully, I like my version better, and it’s much more health conscious!


4 thoughts on “Vegetarian Potato Tacos

    • Not really much of a different texture than refried beans. I guess I could call them burritos…

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