Co-op For Two!

This morning we picked up our weekly basket-as usual 🙂  We also picked up my Mum’s pickings as well since she had an all day meeting to be at.  So before I show you the pics of our stuff, this is everything we had to pick up –

2 produce baskets

2 mexican packs

1 cracker bread pack – 6 8X10 sheets of four flavours…holy crap a lot of cracker bread.

1 tortilla pack – around 7 dozen fresh tortillas in different sizes.

Let’s just say that the husband Fay was bogged down with A TON of stuff while I was signing our names off on all the sheets.

Without further delay – I give you this weeks produce

Some of this weeks cool additions were artichokes, roma tomatoes, radishes and KIWI!

Check it out…

I’ve never done artichokes at home, so that will be interesting this week.  There weren’t too many tomatillos in the mexipack this week, so I think my Mum and I might have to combine them all so that we can make some salsa verde for family brunch tomorrow.

This morning at pickup it was as if we were the veteran picker-upers.  There were some newbies there today and they were asking us questions about the process and the add-ons.  It’s so nice to see that more people every week are showing up and taking part in this wonderful program.

When we got home, I did my usual inventory of what we had left from last week (a ton of apples, some potatoes, avocado, limes, chilies, pineapple, celery, carrots) and cleaned all of the new stuff.  This week is really great because we got so many different items and not more of the same that we had from the last two weeks.   So we’re not bogged down with potatoes and can use up the ones we have in the drawer (yes I have a potato DRAWER, okay, get over it!).  I’m really looking forward to planning dinners for the week!

Happy First of May!


One thought on “Co-op For Two!

  1. Sounds like an apple pie is in the order and the other could make a nice salsa (especially the pineapple).
    Looks real healthy!

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