Reader Help

I’m trying something new over here.  This something has the potential to change Becoming Jaye Fay forever, and for the better also.  In order to start on this new project though, I need the help of my avid readers.  Avid is a good term to use here, since my daily click count is consistently venturing northward – Go you guys!  Yet, even with more people showing up to this blog on a daily basis, I’m still kind of confused how there are only 10, yes TEN subscribers over here.  Where are all you non-commital blog readers?  I swear I don’t bite.  Well, I might hiss and spit, but I don’t bite.

So in case you are one of the readers that are scared of committing yourselves to receive an email every time I post something new – let me point out my subscriber button.  It’s just to the right *points to the right of your screen*…you see it now?  It says something along the lines of “Email Subscribe” “Subscribe Here” or “Non-Commitals-R-Us”.  Okay, so the truth is I have no idea what it says because I am a subscriber of my own blog, so I get some message like “Manage Subscription”. 

If you’re good with the math then you would realize that this means I only really have 9, yes NINE subscribers.  I’m pathetic, it’s official.

You still don’t want to subscribe, eh?  Alright, fine, I’ll let it go. 

But this here points out why we need something new on BJF (translate that however you’d like).   I have no idea who is reading this, because chances are if you don’t want to subscribe, then you probably also don’t want to comment.  None of this bothers me much, but I would like to make this blog much more fun and entertaining (is this even possible?) for all of my readers – not just the ones that show up here because they feel obligated to read my daily shenanigans. 

So, I’m opening up the blog for suggestions.  Completely open, anonymous suggestions. 

I’ve signed up for Formspring.  I really have no idea what this is, except it appears that people can go in and ask random questions to each other.  It seems like it might fit the bill of my needs right now though.  Here’s the game. 

Go to my Formspring page. 

In the box where it says Ask Me Anything – post something that you would like to know about me/my husband/our life, or make suggestions on topics you want me to post more about.  Do you enjoy my cooking posts most?  How about my Planet Hugging club?  I’m a frugal girl, so maybe you would like some more money talk on these parts?  Do you want me to just shut up and abandon ship? – No guarantees that formspring comments like this will be taken into consideration. 

I know everyone wants me to post more about the housing renovations/decor work…but well, that’s not easy for me to just amp up in one afternoon.  Our house is in a constant state of re-working.  A good example of this is the random box of painting supplies that sits on our counter 24/7 and the chair with sandpaper/towels hanging out for use at any moment.  So if you all go and make suggestions on what you want to hear more about, I’ll do my best to keep the blog more informed about our house-work in the future. 

This is my blog, so obviously I want to write about what I want, but I also want it to be interesting for everyone out in cyberspace.  So let me know what you think, and be specific!  I don’t read minds people!

Once I have some questions/comments/opinions in my Formsping, I will begin trying to answer them in my blog.  I have no idea what my plan is for this, I just know I need some suggestions, and this is a good enough way to do so.  Can you tell I haven’t really thought out this plan very well?

Just remember, since I’m the owner and author of this blog, I reserve the right to halt this new endeavor at any time.  If I don’t have any suggestions in the relatively near future, I might just abandon this whole new plan, and that would be really sad.  The ball is in your court!





8 thoughts on “Reader Help

  1. I want more photos, and more of your wonderful advice on the small steps to being crunchy, frugal and healthy. Oh, and more photos. I like photos…. grandkittens, friends, SIL, BD (that’s Beloved Daughter), house, projects… definitely more photos.

  2. I vote more house projects! I love your style. Both writing and decor.

    Also, I’m not a subscriber, but I do follow you via google reader. Are there more of us out there?

    • 🙂 I’m sure there are a bunch of google-readers out there! I’m just kidding about the subscription stuff (sort of. Hehe.) I’ll keep your input in mind Mya!

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