#35 Free Of The Mug

Another 101 goal!

As I was working on this goal over the last week, I didn’t stop hearing “WHY are you giving up coffee for a week?”  “Are you PREGNANT?”


1) No I’m not pregnant

2) I just wanted to prove to myself that I don’t need coffee in the morning.  It was getting to the point that I would have my morning cup a Joe and by mid-day I would be weak and tired.  I was the walking poster child for caffeine withdrawal.

So I made a goal to quit the stuff for seven days.  It was simply a personal goal.

Day one was not looking good.  I had a migraine brewing all day, and by nightfall I was almost willing to give in.

Day two was worse.  I woke up with that migraine.

Day three was the same old.  But by this point I began getting so busy that I forgot about coffee and the migraines.

The weekend was easy.  I drank green tea like it was going out of style when I was home.

Before I knew it, it was Tuesday (day seven) and I hadn’t touched a drop. Not even a teensy little sip or cheat.

This morning, I completely forgot I was free of the coffee, and coincidentally, free to have some!

I didn’t have the normal cup from the work kitchen – instead, I splurged on a $1.20 French Vanilla Cappuccino.

It was magnificent.

And it only reminded me of how much I can’t wait to get my hands on a Tim Horton’s Iced Cap (us Canadians were the original inventors of an ICED frothy cappuccino – or not really, but we gave it a cool, hip name – and yes I do realize the cup says cappuccino, but the fact of the matter is that CAP is what we say, and this is now the worlds longest parenthetical aside)  when we arrive in Canada next month.  In fact, I’m pretty sure it will be the first thing I do once we’re through customs in Toronto.  Thank God our connection is in Toronto, I’ll be spending those two hours waiting to get home, sipping on the Holy Grail of coffee drinks.


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